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    spellbee comp night 13

    by , 08-11-2016 at 04:17 PM (211 Views)
    DILD #1-I'm staring at my closed eyelids but can see my room. I wonder whether my eyes are really closed or not, so a do a nose plug and can breathe. I look around and see a screen door to go outside. I phase through the wooden door frame. I say hi to Brad (from Luann comic strip), as he walks past me. I walk to the street and put my hand behind my back to summon a bottlenose dolphin. I feel a beak, turn around and it's there. I float beside it to check how big it is and find it's about the same size as me. I wake up.

    DILD #2-I wake up and find that I'm on the floor in my grandma's family room. I'm under a sheet and struggle to get out of it. I try to phase through the floor while sitting down which works. While I'm in the void, I try to imagine being under the ocean. I start moving forward and my grandmothers family room appears again. I go into the backyard. I go into a tight corner to try to summon an orca, but I'm optimistic it will work. I put my hand behind my back but down feel anything. I turn around and watch a bear about 8-9 feet tall fade into view. Its teeth are all bloody. The bear says "You'll help me find the exit, right?" I say "Sure!" I struggle to decide what to do. I wake up.
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      HAHA very nice onces! i found it very interesting that summoning an underwateranimal works on land! and that its just floating there. i would never thought that might work. i thought about to summon my cat and i thought hand behind back wont work because a cat wont take your hand xD but when it works with dophins why not!

      and i laughed so hard with the bear! so nice

      i have another question:
      when you do your "staring at my closed eyelids" its kind of a wild yes? so you lay there and stare and "suddenly" can see again? or how does it work for you. because i think for me its like laying around and even if transition happens i have the feeling of not falling asleep i stand up und suddenly notice that this must be a dream.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      ~"Suddenly bear! Suddenly bear! You're running around, and then I'm suddenly bear!"
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    3. dolphin's Avatar
      Actually staring at my closed eyelids just gives me something related to lucid dreaming to focus on while helping to keep my mind from wandering. It's more like a mantra in that respect. It occasionally gives me WILDs or DILDs due to being able to see through them, but not too often. It might also help me LD by giving me false awakenings to catch, but I'm not sure if it's the cause of them.
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