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    Spellbee comp night 19

    by , 11-03-2016 at 12:53 AM (299 Views)
    DILD #1-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was I was flying outside at night and looking around at the scenery. There were bright images being projected on some parts of the ground. I landed and but my hand behind my back to summon a young lady. I felt a hand, turned around and one was there. She was a dirty blond, a bit off kilter but cute enough to kiss. A gave her a kiss and asked her name. Her name was Trixie. We played rock paper scissors. After pumping our fists, I played paper and she played scissors. I asked her to show me a dance. She put her hands on my shoulder while rocking hers. I joined her for a bit until I fell down. She said she had to go so I gave her a nice good bye kiss. I jumped through the ground into a void. An electronic grid appeared which I was plotting points on as if I was designing something. I woke up.

    DILD #2-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was that I was in a town during the day where I saw a friend of mine. I asked her to show to show me a new ability for dream control. She summoned a super soaker water gun and sprayed it towards the sky. A curvy unbroken stream of water appeared which she bend in order to spray a building. She took out a laser gun and did the same thing, only with a curvy laser beam rather than a curvy stream of water. Satisfied with this, I turned my attention to stick my head through the ground to in order to see something through it. I laid face down on the ground and asked a group of DCs near by to push my head through it, which they did. I felt my head going through the ground. The next thing I remember I was still on the ground, but was now indoors. I saw these bits of paper on the ground which I brushed away. I still wanted to go through the ground in order to go to Candyland. I kept telling the DCs to keep pushing my head through. They lost motivation and one stuck mud in my ear. I got up and saw I was now in a room in which there was a mud dam created by a few DCs which was holding back water. There were a male DCs handing out. Frustrated with them, I whined a bit before found a bunch of bananas. I took a banana and hit a DC with it. I sensed he was getting angry and I woke up.

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    1. obfusc8's Avatar
      Hitting a DC with a banana. Nice one.

      Grats on the LDs!
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