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    Spellbee Competition Night 1

    by , 09-02-2017 at 03:19 PM (618 Views)
    DILD-I got up from bed and decided to check if I was dreaming. I tried to lift off the floor but I couldn't. I was still unsure, so decided to keep checking by trying to fly forward down the hallway. I started flying forward so I got back down. I phased through the wall leading up to the restroom, but I thought I might have closed my eyes, so I got out and did it again while making sure to keep my eyes open. I got into the toilet and tried to flush myself down, but I woke up.

    WILD-I was trying to fall asleep when I felt myself sinking. I decided to sink all the way through the floor until I landed in another room. I tried to summon a dolphin, but couldn't summon anything. I jumped up into the air to float and tried to transform into a dolphin. I felt and saw a dolphin tail form and stretched to about 10 feet long. I tried to move around, but started spinning in circles. A force pushed me out the room into a huge, open medieval looking hallway with many doors equipped with lights. There was a bright green light at the door at the end of the hallway. The force started pushing me away from it and I woke up.

    DILD-I was at my porch and told myself when I see the lady, I am dreaming. I saw the lady appear. She asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a kiss, even though she was a bit too old for me to be sexually attracted to her. We hugged and kissed. Apparently, she was here for somebody else in the house. I didn't feel like leading her to anybody, so I said nobody else was here. She left to go somewhere else. I put my hand behind me to summon a dolphin and felt a beak tapping my hand rather than simply touching it. I turn around and see a white dolphin about 6-7 feet long without any fins and with larger, more disorganized teeth. I decided to float up and let it eat me so I might be able to transform into it. My body and head went through the dolphins mouth and continued to go backwards for a bit through a narrow bodily tube. Everything suddenly became black, a door appeared, I heard a horse, and I felt something weird in my legs before I woke up.
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    1. Cobalt Storm's Avatar
      Everything suddenly became black, a door appeared, I heard a horse, and I felt something weird in my legs before I woke up.
      You went to horse heaven.
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