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    Spellbee Competition night 5

    by , 08-03-2016 at 05:46 PM (211 Views)
    DILD#1-As I'm falling asleep I imagine an alligator being captured and flying out the window. A strong wave of energy rushes into my body. I'm able to push some energy out but some comes back in. After fighting the energy for a bit, I notice some kids walking around my room. I try to move but my body is heavy. I try to talk to the kids but it's hard to talk. I give up and just watch the kids. They're saying something but I can't understand what. I wake up.

    DILD#2-At a reunion with some of my former co-worker friends, I discover I forgot to wear pants and underwear. I'm embarrassed by this and try to cover up with my t-shirt. I wake up and see people I don't recognize, a couple of middle aged pacific islander people, one man and one woman. I just want to hug the women, which I do. I wake up.

    DILD#3-In a building, there's some sort of water show going on below. A DC dares me to go down a slide and into the water, which I do. I escape and start flying. I phase through a window and outside. I fly around and explore for a bit before I wake up. I look around and see I'm not in my room. I get up and successfully summon a wooden board. I'm not able to summon the blanket, though. I put the board down, but before my eyes it disappears. My body gets heavy and it gets difficult to do anything. I wake up.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Wow you got a lot of points despite waking up sort of fast. Good job!
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    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      3 LDs in a night dang. The last time I had three was like... 6 months ago... Would have been a crazy night for you if you managed to stabilize and prolong your lucids!
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    3. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      what saizaphod said. some month ago most of the time when i got one lucid i could count two or 3 more but for whatever reason (i think because of the lack of my daytimepractice) i just mange to get lucid once per night with a proper induction (no lucids by accident) but tonight i managed to get two (also FAs) thats cool

      i found FA pretty interesting and you seem to have a lot of them too. what do you think about them? nothing special, interesting, annoying?
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    4. DoubleHelix's Avatar
      LOL! No pants or underpants. Sounds like me watching TV when the wife is away!
    5. dolphin's Avatar
      I do have lots of FAs. I like the them, I think they're interesting.