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    dolphin's dreams

    Spellbee Spring Competition Night 12

    by , 04-26-2017 at 03:12 PM (376 Views)
    DILD #1-I was a passenger in a car going through a neighborhood in the morning when I looked at the clock and noticed that no numbers were there. I phased out of the car and turned my hand behind me to summon a dolphin. I felt a beak, turned around and saw a purple dolphin floating there. The tried to get on its back when it started flying way. I caught up to it and got on its back to ride it. It was going slow so I told it to go faster. I woke up.

    DILD #2-I was in the dark, playing pretend. I pretended that I was falling into the ocean. I felt a splash. I sank deeper. I looked up and saw I must have been hundreds of feet below the surface. I felt like something dangerous was approaching me. Was it a shark? No, it was volcano erupting below me! I had to escape! I woke up in school and realized that it was nighttime and class was over. I had to clock out using a touch screen machine but didn't know how. The teacher said they could do it for me. I was free! I got out of school and was so happy I jumped up. I floated in the air and relished in my skill of being able to fly when I realized I was dreaming. I flew up higher to get a view of my surroundings. I saw a neighborhood where several groups of DCs were conversing and flew there. While in the air, I rotated my forefinger to speed up time and time sped up. With time being sped up, I noticed how much the DCs used their hands while talking. I watched a few groups of DCs conversing with time sped up. I woke up.

    DILD #3-I was in a classroom in school watching the teacher at the chalkboard when I realized I was dreaming. I got out of my seat and jumped up to fly. I flew higher to a dome that was above the classroom. I tried to transform into a dolphin. I felt my body becoming stretched and floppy. My body transformed into a red outline of a dolphin. My face started to change which made me jump. I started to lose the scene but told myself to stay in the dream. A new dream scene formed of a neighborhood. Some tangled black hair grew on my head as I continued floating in the air with an outline of a dolphin body. A DC told me I looked beautiful. I woke up.
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