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    Oneironautic Escapades

    1. Politics

      by , 06-10-2016 at 03:50 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      In the beginning I am in front of my apartment complex courtyard walking the street with Bernie Sanders. There are wear marks on the concrete ledges where people would sit, seeing one of the largest seats(a wide assprint) I assume this is Trumps seat. Bernie has a large american flag with him and begrudgingly sticks it into the ground behind Drumpfs assprint.

      All is very informal as of now, George W is mowing the grass with a push mower and it only seems to be me Bernie and George. Drumpf wanders onto the scene. Bern and Drumpf have a nice civil exchange and I am impressed they are so calmly conversating. I try to talk to W but more question why he's doing the gruntwork, he's unphased and seems more annoyed that I am assuming he doesn't like work.

      As I turn back to the courtyard people are starting to arrive and I figure there is some rally or gathering about to take place. Drumpf seems to have retreated into the hotel which is actually half of my apartment building. The yard is now littered with secret service type body guards and they are setting up a perimeter around the yard so no bystanders wander in. They have grey suits black sunglasses and fully harnessed with unopened parachute rigs, also carrying guns.

      I happen to be inside the perimeter and begin to walk back towards my apartment which is on the ground level. An agent stops me and begins to yell at me to get back to the line, I yell back that THIS IS MY APARTMENT, I LIVE HERE, pointing to my open windows ahead. He reluctantly lets me past and as I enter my hallway it is suddenly a large conference room.

      There are tons of people packed in like a press conference of sorts, Bernie is on the mic going on about some rigmarole and I take my seat to the left of the podium with a friend I was with earlier. There are agents all around listening into their white squiggly wired earpieces. Another man takes the podium whom I do not recognize. He begins in about peace, cooperation, and exhausting all means of diplomacy. Then he drops the bomb, we are now allies with a foreign peoples, and not to be alarmed.
      He motions to the door behind him and a large(the size of 8 people standing side by side) greenish blue bulbous blob schlirps into the room with an ominous face on it pretty much identical to this guy-
      Bush reveals his motives-5c44c5ed900068d48b4d204256014b4c.jpg

      As it slowly slides into the room, people gasp and the man on the mic informs us they are a people from Neptune, we have been in contact with them for a time, and it is only now they are allowing the public to know due to a change of intersolar policy.
      A little girl was now speaking on their behalf. It was made known we gave them her years ago so she would learn of their ways and act as a bridge between our two peoples. It was the daughter of John Connor (who was an agent standing behind me to the right) as I turned to look at him he had tears in his eyes and I understood this was the first time he had seen her since he agreed to let them take her years ago.

      I was outside the conference hall, everyone was still inside, I could still hear the ramblings of concerned citizens. The perimeter was still set up but I was now inside it, I looked up towards Drumpfs hotel and decided to go check it out. Up on the top floor I found him, standing in the upper corner of his room I could see propeller blades of a helicopter coming through the ceiling at an angle as if they were glitching in the video game. I asked him if his chopper was on the roof, he looked at the blades and pushed his arms into them. His arms did a rubbery bend downward as if sticking a piece of leather into a spinning fan, he was unharmed. I nodded and told him that I suspected he knew the one responsible for all of this(now assuming I was in a virtual simulation of some kind a la the matrix). He took a step away and leaned back towards me twisting with his hand outreached and said;

      "People are lint, and dunes are dust, come take a walk on my side stargazer.."
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Hollywood

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:04 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      I am in Hollywood California as a tourist just wondering around seeing the sights taking it all in. I find myself at some kind of red carpet and there are many celebrities gathered for some reason. There aren't many people around so I figure this is a prime opportunity to hang out with some famous people. I see Ben Affleck with a few other people and I signal him to come over, he walks over a few seconds later with a couple girls apologizing that he was chatting with Milla Jovovich. I ask them if they want to hang out in the arcade next door and they happily take me up. We walk in and the two girls are fixated on an sort of skee-ball game that involves throwing lemons down an ally at specific targets for points. I walk around with Ben and we just chat about life as norm and how people react to them in general. When we come back to the skee-ball game he joins them and I decide to walk around some more there are bright colors and lights and all sorts of arcade sounds I am somewhat pleased by the environment. I return to the three of them and Milla is now in the group playing the lemon game. Ben is requisitioned by some fans and follows them out the door of the arcade. I step in on the game and ask the girls if I can join them, they are more than happy to play with me. I am overjoyed I am playing the lemon game with Milla and Bens date. As I throw the lemons down the alley it is slightly more difficult than it looks and I am embarrassed about wasting their lemons. Other fans have stepped into the game and were allowing themselves to be the targets for the girls to throw at, they are being cheeky and the girls giggle. So I allow them to play some more and then walk away out the door Ben went. He was posing for pictures on the sidewalk and sitting on some kind on wagon facing the street. I wave goodbye and continue down the road.
      It is mostly tourists flocking the streets now. Like a sea of tourists, we are all headed to a good look out point to take photos of the Hollywood sign. I can barely see it from where I am, a local tells me the best place to shoot is from a hillside in the distance they point to and I see people filing that way. I am on the edge of the city and there is a small patch of woods between me and the hillside. I have to travel down a ravine of some sort and it is quite muddy. I notice there are very large pinkish orangy mushroom type trees littering the Forrest. They have large spines on them that bend easily to the touch. I am aware I have never seen anything like this and they seem either alien or prehistoric. I am following a man who has fairly certain footing though he begins to travel away from where we are going and I recommend we take the path of a fallen tree which is more direct he follows my advice and we advance together.
      When I am finally approaching the open hillside I notice a man dressed in biblical attire singing a gospel, those around him chime in and suddenly the entire mass of a thousand people easy are all singing praises at the top of their lungs. It is breathtaking. As I am walking by the people who have stopped to sing I begin clapping the rhythm of the song, I begin jogging and I am suddenly in biblical clothes myself. The wind is blowing rather hard against my tunics and I hold the edges of my gown convinced I can glide on the wind. The singing picks up as I lift off the ground moving with speed in the air powered by the wind and my gown of flowing fabric. I glide forward and backward zig zagging the entire group moving down the hillside. I am overwhelmed by the experience the singing is magnificently heard from this height. The people see me and exclaim I must be the real one! I come closer to the ground towards the edge of the hillside which is more of a cliff. I turn and land though the wind is pulling me towards the cliffs edge. I am gripping the soil trying to maintain and three women who are African american offer me their hands to pull me up. I am eternally grateful, as I am walking back up there is another boy on the cliffs edge, I reach back and help him up as well the singing is dying down and all of the people seem focused on me.
      The Hollywood sign is no where to be seen.
    3. The Other Me, and the Elemental Queen

      by , 08-17-2012 at 12:18 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      It all began while I was in the living room of my parents home. Things looked fairly familiar and normal, only their behaviour was off. They told me that I needed to sit down because they had something important to tell me. I was more wrapped up in figuring out why things seemed odd in the upstairs, there was a blanket hanging on the wall that was never there before, and our kitchen appliances were mixed around, though they were the same models. My parents kept telling me they had to tell me something important, but I went outside on the back porch. I noticed our small pond (that is usually there) had been expanded to the whole width of the backyard, it looked fresh and I noticed one of our neighbors who does our landscaping exiting the backyard through the fence carrying a shovel. I realized that though my backyard was the same, the differences were outstanding. Coupled with the living room observations and the kitchen, it occurred to me I must have slipped into a parallel dimension. Logically it made sense, everything being similar but slightly skewed fits right into my personal beliefs of parallel dimensions. I was back in my living room, my parents told me to sit down, I sat and told them I already figured it out, they told me I wasn't supposed to be there. I asked them if this was a different dimension and they both nodded. It occurred to me that if they were here, then 'I' must be here as well.
      I suddenly started hearing loud metal music coming from the basement, I ventured down the stairs with wonder if I would see myself. As I turned the corner I saw 3 guys, one with his back to me who was built curling a barbell, one spotting him, and another sitting on a weight bench just talking to the other two. The spotter saw me first, throwing him off his spot as the lifter slipped one hand and the barbell clanked down by my feet. He turned around and I saw him. Me. I saw me, looking him straight in the eyes, he looked exactly like me, with 30 more pounds of muscle. I was stunned. His friends were somewhat speechless as well. We spoke, but I lost the words, I must have told him I was from somewhere else far away yet very close to here. I began to speak of dimensions and I could tell it was over his head, he didn't have thought for metaphysics or theology, 'Great' I thought 'My other self is a meathead'
      As I went back outside I was greeted by a woman with short spiky hair with several facial piercings. She was familiar and I knew immediately she knew who I was and where I was from, she told me to come with her. I sat in the backseat of some vehicle while I watched my other self walking to another vehicle 50 feet in front of us or so. I commented to the person I was sitting next that this was too real, looking at my hands and all the details of the inner car I thought to myself it was too real to be a dream. I told the one next to me that I lucid dream all the time, and that if this was a lucid dream I would be able to control things. So I looked away from my other self who was wearing a blue shirt and I spoke, he is wearing a PURPLE shirt. When I looked back his shirt was purple. Oh, well that settles it I guess I am dreaming, yet I continued down the dreamplot to see where my venture would take me. It was explained to me that this realm was governed differently than my own. What we consider to be mythic lore and magic are their science and sentient species.
      Several jumps and skips, I am shown a catacomb-like city with odd transports which float on air. And many different beings. The evil queen discovers that I am in their realm and must be hunted down. She sends elementals after me/us. My spiky-haired guide has been with me all along though most details escape me. I do remember a being made of brick, only able to travel through the brick walls which are rooted all through the city. His form only manifests where he chooses to step out of the brick, but his travel is still heard through the walls. One of the elementals is on our side as he tells me of their powers and limitations. My last memory from the dream is of the queen who looks surprisingly like Maleficent mixed with an elf. I am awaken by my phone ringing.
    4. Hangin with Hugh Laurie

      by , 08-06-2012 at 06:46 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      A somewhat exciting beginning which involved con men and being in a group of men working together to pull off some job. Few details I remember as all of the men were lost but myself (not in my own form) and Hugh Laurie. Our ventures had led us to an old summer cabin only it was winter, with slow snow falling and the warmth of our breaths hanging in the air. Hugh had aged rapidly and also had a medical condition he knew was not curable (definitely wasn't lupus). He and I both knew that our company was the last he would ever know, so I spoke personally to him. Asked him about his life, what he enjoyed most, what he would change if he could. Over the course of our conversation we grew close, attached almost. We laughed, reminisced, and did everything within our power to not acknowledge the coming inevitable end. Watching his condition further, along with his age increase, I was pained in my heart. I did not want to lose this close friend I had made, his joys were my joys, and now his fears were my fears.
      I fought tears several times as the emotion of our interaction was greatly increased. When the time finally came, I could hold them in no longer. I shouted for him, by his side I knew I could not lose him. In a moment of brief insanity there was a bright magnificent light, coming from both of us, surrounding the room we occupied. Great harmonies were heard similar to trumpets and a chorus's of thousands of choir members. The colours swirled around us as I saw his face.. Straighten. The wrinkles I had watched form for hours before were now being taught. His eyes were livening and I could feel my energy flow through him as his age flowed through me. He was getting younger, while I was slightly aging. When lights faded and the sounds dulled we sat in silence staring at each other. We were now the same age. He, younger and able, I older but still able. He smiled, and tears streamed down both our faces. He stood from his deathbed, stretched, and yawned. 'Lets go have some fun' he said.
      We left the cabin and walked in slow motion side by side through the snow to one of the vehicles in the lot. High-fiving before entering a larger white van. He was driving, excited and full of life we decided to speed and reality shifted to that of a GTA video game. We were being chaotic and destructive. His laugh was infectious, one by one police joined the chase, close call after close call we narrowly escaped. He asked me how to shoot the gun, I told him to hold down the right joystick
      We gained speed and ramped off of a highway into city streets, shooting the fuzz as we went along.
      By the time there were 5-6 coppers surrounding us, our vehicle had been immobilized. Just as they were surrounding our car guns drawn shouting, Hugh turned to me, and scoffed 'Well, that was a blast' He winked and I woke up.
    5. Carnival Islands, dino-babies, and a church prom

      by , 08-03-2012 at 11:12 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was my first night on brain sups.
      Picked up some Melatonin, Choline, and B6, took one of each about 30 min before bed.
      Initial core sleep 11-7 was latent with fragments, no recollections though
      Laid awake for almost an hour attempting a WILD or some visualizations to no avail. Turned off my sleep tracker on my phone and checked my messages, after I felt tired so I rolled over and fell back.. into the fun.

      Standing in some large grassy meadow I realized I was no longer in my room and must be dreaming, looked at my hands to stabilize and decided to take to the air.
      Feeling the wind rush past me was an exhilarating feeling as I gained altitude. Thinking there must be some kind of civilization around I found a small village which looked french from 200 years ago or so. I circled the town but then decided I would stay airborne and continue to explore the island I was on, as I climbed I played with willing my speed faster and slower. As I am fairly new to sustained flight I figured I needed the practice. Some lucidity was lost as I sped up because I was looking down and my mind couldn't keep with the details of the passing ground. I remembered this happening in a previous dream so to establish more control I focused on the distance. It was then I saw several other islands connected to the one I was flying around. Their design was somewhat colonial mixed with the bright colors of a carnival, there were 3 other islands tied together in kind of a line, each with varying size and infrastructure design. They were far in the distance and I remember thinking how amazingly detailed everything was, pondering how wonderful my mind was that I could dream such magnificent things. In trying to decide if I wanted to visit the other islands I got caught up in the details of the ground again, I lost lucidity and the dream faded as I fell.

      Not certain I fully woke up, as most of these were Deilds. I relaxed back into a dream and I was suddenly surrounded by african americans. We were at a wedding. There was much joy for the celebration but it seemed it was located at a fair ground of sorts. Dusty ground and the smell of fried food in the air. I was wondering through the crowd when I noticed a friend of mines brother in a doorway to a small shack, he signaled me over. As I approached the door he took a drag of his smoke and stepped inside, it was a dark room with somewhat cramped furnishings. He kept telling me how awesome his flat screen was, when I looked at the wall it was on it was a tube, with a flat screen, probably 12 inches diagonal. I smiled and decided to go back out to the gathering, there was a woman on the PA system making some announcement. Every time she finished talking I would shout 'Dino-Babies!' into the crowd from behind something. The dream faded and I transitioned.

      Now in a large house there were exotic women all around. I was lucid for most of this one as I phased through many walls and windows. The details escape me as most of it was me running from woman to woman and making out with them. Some smiled, others were taken aback by my sudden inappropriate action. Settling more into the idea that I was dreaming and most of the DC here were for my amusement , I continually rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream if my excitement started to get the better of me. It almost seemed as if there was a meeting going on, yet I was too overwhelmed by the estrogen in the air to come to full awareness. Towards the end I had a petite woman sitting on my lap who was straddling me, caressing her arse I decided to slip a finger into the warm spot. She was soft and slightly humid, could not believe how tight she was just on my finger. The excitement lost me my lucidity and my alarm rang just as I was beginning to get mr. member's tip in.

      Suddenly I am standing in a large group of people, we're all wearing tux's and gowns as it seems to be a prom of some kind. Recognizing most of the people from the church I used to go to as well as my old private school. Realizing I was dreaming I decided to seek out an old childhood crush, everytime I think I see her in a group of friends I turn her around and its someone else. We're in a large cabin type center that has wooden support beams and a soft mahogany furniture everywhere. Wondering to the back of the hall I see an old friend who is wheel-chair bound hiding in the corner with her face turned. I approach her and her turns to me, she's been crying.
      'Emily?! What's wrong? Why are you crying?'
      'They are making fun of me because I keep beating them in cards'
      'How can they do that? Its just a game..'
      'I know, but they say i'm not normal'
      'No one is normal Em, what did they say?'
      'Because I've spent my whole life in this chair I have developed a sort of ESP, all games are very easy for me, especially cards, they fear what they don't understand'
      'That's amazing! How could anyone get mad at that!'
      'I just want to be like everyone else'
      'No, don't say that, you're special. You're like this for a reason, you should support your abilities and stand proud. You have purpose in this life, I don't doubt'
      'I guess, thank you so much Noah' she smiled
      I smiled back 'Here, come back with me'
      She nodded and took my hand as we rejoined everyone else
      It was obvious everyone was now looking at me with her as we approached a group of old friends, getting sideways glances and whispers. I found the friend I was looking for before and she gave me odd looks now that I was with Em. We were all sitting at a table when I noticed a guy at the table behind us speaking loud enough for us to hear
      'Its just not right! People like that shouldn't be allowed to live..'
      I turned back to him, death glared, and began a very poignant monologue on the validity of all humans. Details escaping I remembered the very last line
      'People are people no matter who they are.'
    6. The Yacht

      by , 07-27-2012 at 03:15 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So yesternight was another first, nothing too epic. Mostly just odd.

      I was traveling down an interstate of some kind that was suspended above the water. With a few friends I couldn't make much out other than a girl in the van with us kept eyeing me funny.
      When we reached the end of the highway there was some sort of transition and I gathered that we were all on a mega-yacht now. It was owned by Pakistani business men and there were beautiful women all around who were the entertainment.
      The only one who really stood out to me was a blonde, with slender frame, teased hair and multiple colorful bracelets on. I understood she was 'The head boss's' girl, though he cared not too strongly for her.
      She was all about me, we were all over each other. The amount of detail that was experienced during our 'hook-up' was borderline erotic. She had striped panties on under her miniskit wrapped in leather studs. Holding her leg up on my side I could feel the warmth of her hind against my palm.
      Nothing too sexual occurred before we were found out. Amazing it took so long as we were in an open patio surrounded by people. He was furious with her toying and banished me to a small platformed support beam under the highway. It was slippery and hard to hold onto, I was readjusting my grip watching the boat motor away when my perspective shifted.
      Somewhat shocked I looked back to the pillar platform where I was just standing, and no one was there. Looking down at my hands I noticed they were smaller and dainty, with multiple colorful bracelets on both wrists. I was standing on the boat motoring away from the interstate, I was now the girl I was just hooking up with moments before. The crowd watching the whole situation was starting to disperse and business continued on as usual. Completely confused as to my switch, I just knew that they couldn't find out I wasn't really her. I tried talking to some of the girls and realized my dialect was off but the sound of my voice was higher. I decided not to talk much thinking her friends might wonder why my behaviour was off.
      Realizing I was a girl, I kept trying to pee sitting down. Trying at least three different toilets I couldn't go any of the times. Until the last toilet which was joined next to a shower. The 'main boss' guy came over to talk to me, and he turned on the shower while I was sitting down. It got me wet, he smiled perversity and I told him off. He left and I continued to adventure around the now aged boat.
      Sitting down at a row of computers I decided to look myself up. The keys I was pressing weren't the letters that showed up on the screen. It confused me as I experimented with the obviously broken keyboard. I thought maybe the keys were just switched around so I leaned over to the girl next to me and asked to see her keyboard cause someone must have been joking around on this one, changing keys and whatnot.
      In the smalltalk I told her I was looking for 'Noah' because he was the most amazing guy I'd ever been with. She giggled, and so did I because I momentarily realized that I was Noah, talking myself up to random girls in guise .
      The keyboard wasn't working for me cause every time I looked down it degraded and looked older with more and more keys missing. I was so focused on trying to work the keyboard I got frustrated and woke up. The end.

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    7. The green screen

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:49 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was the single craziest night of dreaming I've experienced in my entire life.
      True Story.

      But first, some background

      Took 2 sleep aid gummies containing about 25mg of Melatonin immediately before bed.
      Which was around 1148. My plan was to core sleep and attempt WILDing when I usually naturally wake up in 4-6 hours. Using an OBE timer a friend of mine sent to me in mp3. I repeated three words to myself as I was falling asleep, EPIC LUCID ADVENTURE. As I have't been fully lucid in a few weeks I was ready for some fun. I dropped off sometime between 12-1230 as I have clock chimes on my phone to keep me aware of objective time. Recently I've been sleeping with earplugs which assist me greatly process of falling asleep. I awoke at 455, for some reason took out my earplugs, went to the bathroom, got some water, and decided to set the OBE timer on my phone and laid back down. I was excited as this was one of the first times I've ever used a timer to help induce a WILD. I must have been too excited cause every mental excise I went through to calm my awareness completely failed, just as I would start to fade the timer would go off and the beeps would snap me back to complete awareness.
      I laid on my back for an hour straight without loosing consciousness once. I was so freakin pissed. The beeps annoyed me since I couldn't fall asleep in between chimes. When six hit I was overly frustrated and decided to get up and vaporize some hash. Only a small amount, as I have heard before that THC can inhibit REM, fuck it, might as well and see what happens. I was finished and head in pillow by 630. My mind was swirling with thoughts, intentions, feelings, and the hope of dreams.

      The following is my best attempt to properly order the events which took place

      I woke up in my room, I knew immediately that I was dreaming, did a nosepinch and confirmed I was in fact non-physical. I looked around and it was kind of dark but everything was still clearly visible. I shouted 'Clarity!' and things got slightly clearer but not hyper-clear, so I figured it was probably just a regular dream and not a wild. I have wanted to converse with my DG for a real long time as he/she is a re-occurring character in my non-lucid dreams. 'Show me my dream guide!' nothing happened. My room looked exactly the same and my lack of control lost me my lucidity and I decided to go back to bed. This is when things kind of took off.
      After falling asleep in my dream, all I could see was a green panel that wasn't quite rectangular but looked like a screen, with foreign/alien symbols divided into 3 lines horizontally. The screen felt to me like a loading screen for a video game, I anchored the belief that I was awake when I saw the screen and I was just waiting for my lucid dream to load. When the loading was complete I nosepinched and lucidly entered the dream.

      I was in a run down school with no one in it. Looks like it has been abandoned for quite some time. I move things with my mind and run my hands along the wall as I walked down the hall to immerse myself in my senses all while repeating 'I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming.. What do I want to do in my dream?'
      'OH YEAH, summon my dream guide!'
      'I DEMAND TO SEE MY DREAM GUIDE!!!' I shouted in the empty hallway, no one appeared but for some reason I now knew that someone was in the back of the kitchen in the cafeteria to my left. As I was walking through the cafeteria I heard a woman/girl humming that sounded soft and warm. Entering into the kitchen there was little light coming through dusty windows , but I saw her immediately. Her figure is unmistakable, she was faced away from me but slightly to the side, she looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. I walked up to her smiling asking if it was her, she nodded. I took one finger and ran it from behind her knee, up the side of her hip, up her back and slid off her shoulder. Taking in every detail. She was wearing tight faded jean bellbottoms and a light blue tank top that barely covered her midriff. Her hair was long and wavy, with highlights of light blue strung towards her tips, I then realized she looked almost exactly like one of my friends ex-girlfriends when she was 18. Her nose was pointed and her skin pale, I was drawn in and lost my lucidity, so excited I took her hand in mine and started on some monologue about myself, my friends, and my father, somehow tying the non-sense into the fact that she was there. She just smiled and humorously nodded as an adult humors an excited child. I realized her demeanor mid-monologue and it shunted me "awake"

      Back to the green screen there were scrolling symbols still I couldn't understand, I just knew I was waiting for the next dream. When I reached up to nosepinch I sat up backwards out of bed. I was back in my room. SHIT, did I wake up? Nosepinch, nope, still dreaming, Oh kay. I FOUND HER. But shes not here now, I'm still in my room and everything looks like it did before.. Weird, I must be in a dream in a dream. Whoa, alright, I need to get back to her. So I looked at the door to my garage and said with intent 'When I walk through THIS door, I will be in the cafeteria!' I barged through the door, and surprise, it was the garage. DAMNIT. I repeated 'I'm dreaming, anytime I felt myself fade, to keep the clarity of the dream. I walked to the car garage door and phased through it, I was outside my house in the driveway. I looked around, the sky had the same orangey color it was when I first WILD'd a few months back. Weird, there was no one around and my lack of interest faded the dream and I "awoke"

      Staring at the green screen I re-iterated the feeling of being awake, only this time every few seconds the screen would slide to the left and show me a brief picture or setting then back to the symbols which were constantly being updated. I watched it for a few seconds and when there was a large red Semi-truck in the frame, looking like it was on a highway, I nosepinched, and the picture grew all around me and became the dream.

      I was standing in front of the very same semi on a highway of non-moving traffic. There was a gun fight going on all around me, and I was already lucid. Sweet, time to cap some foos. I swung my arm out of my field of vision and felt the pistol in my hand, I whipped it back and started shooting dream characters immediately and mercilessly. Realizing I didn't want to be needlessly violent in a completely open ended lucid dream I stopped firing and they all just looked at me. I dropped the gun and made a fake gun with my pointer and thumb, I 'pew pew'd a car several meters away from me and it exploded into a fiery mess. Sweet. Pew pew hands. Forgetting my original agreement I decided explosions were much better than bullets. Everyone ran away from me as I walked down the road 'pew pew'ing everything I could. Towards the end of my Armageddon chaos I'm fairly sure I 9/11'd an 11-story apartment tower that looked familiar. I smiled and "woke"

      Back to the green screen I still felt awake, knowing all I had to do was wait for my dream to load and I could be lucid again. This time it was just symbols still in their three horizontal rows. My nose felt like it was running and I sat up. (I've woken up with nosebleeds many-a-time IWL and felt this was the case) Raising off my pillow everything seemed dark. I could feel the warmth running out of my nose as I tried to sniff it back in. Fuck it, I'd rather dream than clean this shit up, so I put my face back into the pillow and the green screen appeared once again. This time only one screen of symbols, and the rest were pictures. I was made allowed to choose my destination. Random images of places familiar and not slid in and out of the multi-green off-rectangular screen, when an image of a homey Brit. castle appeared, it seemed to be of an old college, like Cambridge mixed with Hogwarts, I know. I know. It seemed appealing and I was drawn to it, so I nosepinched.

      Like before the night grew around me and I was standing in on the side of a street, under a lamp, looking at the very same building.
      'SHOW ME MY DREAM GUIDE!' I hollered into the brisk night. I saw her, she looked like Selene from Underworld this time, only with longer and brighter hair. She was a short distance from me so I couldn't see many details of her. I waved to her and smiled, she smiled back and shouted 'Follow me! Quickly! We must hurry!' She immediately jumped into the hair and started flying the opposite direction of me. Shit! I better follow, I started floating with my traditional style flying(which I felt as though I needed to exert energy for flight) and it was slow and clumsy. I saw her speeding away over rooftops when I decided I needed to get a move on. Knowing I was dreaming the whole time I thought logically that it didn't make sense to have to 'try' to fly. I should just will myself forward, like I do in my running/jumping LDs. With this thought I rocketed forward, nearly catching up to her. We were probably a couple dozen feet from tree-tops, street lamps and the old style buildings in the campus we were now leaving. She was moving faster. I noticed the more I looked around, at the ground and sky I started to loose lucidity. 'I'm dreaming, I'm actually dreaming, I need to follow her'. She started getting away from me as my flight slowed. I shouted 'HEY! SLOW DOWN! You're gonna wake me up!' Realizing I could keep up with all the details I tried 'dimming' my resolution so I could stay lucid. I must have taken it too far because everything became game-like and computer animated. She landed in the middle of some trees and as I approached her I was focusing too hard on her and I gained a 3rd person view of her as if she was my WOW character. I 360'd the scene and she just looked up at me with one eyebrow raised kind of giving me one of those 'really?' smirks while lowering her head. I couldn't re-form and "woke"

      Only this time I woke up in my bed, wet faced down in my pillow. I was still sniffing, my nose was still bleeding. I tried to hold it to but I could just feel the blood running, I nosepinched to see if I was actually awake and it failed, still dreaming. My mother was in the room with me this time, I asked her if there was blood all over my face because I couldn't see it. She said yes and tried to hold something to my face. I declined and told her it was ok, I was just dreaming and I knew how to fix it. Back to bed, in the pillow I go.

      Green screen, and one of the first images was of me flying over one of the buildings where I just was. SWEET! RESPAWN! Nosepinch, and I was in the air.

      I was flying over the same buildings as before, same sensation as I reminded myself I was dreaming. I noticed she wasn't around any longer. I was more interested in exploring my environment than needlessly following some chick. I saw an apartment building that one of my friends lived in and I figured I would pay him a visit. I flew over and landed on his balcony. I saw 4 of them sitting on the floor all playing some sport video game on the television. My friend (who I don't know IWL, but I recognized him in the dream) saw me through their glass patio door. I placed my hands on the glass, said 'I'm dreaming' and forced my way through without breaking the glass. It felt like plastic wrap going through my body.
      'Sup man'
      'Nothin much man, just hangin out with my friends, they're all sleeping and I can't wake them up so I'm just gonna chill here and play with them.'
      'That's cool, I think I'm gonna explore some more'
      'Alright man, I'll probably see you around'
      I walked to their front door and sort of headslammed into it, well more like through it. I felt my body pass through the wooden door and steel frame kind of haphazardly. I was a lil dazed on the other side but still lucid. Looking down the hallway I saw her again, she signaled me to come with her down the hall when we emerged onto this huge stone balcony on the side of a mountain, there was a carving that went up many stories to my right that I couldn't identify. The balcony continued out and around the mountain, where there was another high entrance/exit with stone carved overhangs like an ancient cathedral. There was a shrouded man in white standing between two large, wide shoulder men, and one jester looking humanoid figure that was in a fitting full body couch cushion fabric with weird symbols embedded from toe to head. It came up right below his nose and the hood came over clamshelling his head shadowing his eyes and facial features. He started toward us.
      She shouted 'SHIT, we need to get out of here, NOW'
      'Neeeh, this is MY dream, I'm gonna fight this guy!'
      'NO! You don't understand!' and she bailed, disappearing from the scene.
      I approached the hooded jester looking individual but he leaped towards me at incredible speed. One massive blow and my body was knocked limp on the ground. I was pushed back out of it as I peered down at my body I gathered I was non-physical (outside my dream body) again. The figure was looking at my body, when it slowly looked up, directly at me and said 'We're going to find all of you, you're not going to change anything'

      This is the best I can recollect from everything that occurred.
      There were several other fragments and brief experiences that I don't much remember.
      Christmas decorations, more telekinesis, and an autistic girl named Mary.

      When I finally rejoined the physical plane at 8am sharp. I felt as thought I had well over a dozen dreams. Though the 'Dreaming within dreams' probably convoluted my recall a bit.Trying to focus on the bulk experiences I cemented as many details as possible before I got out of bed. Really need to get that bedside notepad, recall would probably be heck of a lot better.
    8. Holy Mother of Lucidity!

      by , 07-04-2012 at 12:47 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Finally had a wonderful string of lucids last night/ this morning! SO AMAZING
      it has been well over a month since any clear lucidity was had. And finally 3-4 times just in one night I was able to become lucid in dreamscape! Whew what a rush, I don't even know where to begin. Most certainly these arose from increased reality checks, my plan to teach as many people as possible to reality check while awake. Though in my dream I never did my rehearsed check. It was always realized by either lack of gravity or something being out of place that cued my awareness.
      Every time I realized I was in a dream I was focused on jumping great distances, running as fast as I could and jumping miles at a time. I was so exhilarated the majority of the dreams I was just laughing hysterically. Of course I wasn't content with just the speed and agility, I am bound by no physical perimeters! I am going to fly! So I took to the sky, traveling fast and slow I traversed from city to city, eventually crossing the globe. The feeling was so exquisite! Several times during the dream I thought to myself, "This is why dreaming rocks, need more!"
      Completely amazed at the ongoing experience the excitement dulled my lucidity in place of dreamplot. Several times I would "Snap back" into the reality that I was dreaming and continue exploring. I feel as though I spent a prolonged time in the dream realm, noting that I had been dreaming for a while whilst in one of the last dreams. My recall has been below par recently so the details escape me. But the experience far rejuvenates my desire to rejoin the non-physical.
      Here's to many more, clearer, longer, and more insightful adventures
    9. Collapse

      by , 07-02-2012 at 05:23 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Momentum rising as I found myself amidst a city with tall sky scrapers all around.
      It was then known that the city was going to be attacked/partially destroyed possibly my terrorists or aliens. the culprit was never known. Standing with a group of people we noticed in the distance one of the outlying buildings had demolition type explosions jetting from its sides. In seconds it was falling at free fall speed towards the ground.
      Everyone in the street was stopped in their tracks watching the devastation unfold within eyes view. Noticing that though the collapsing building was about a mile away, myself and the people I was with were on a street with many high rise buildings. After the sudden realization that this could perhaps be a multi-building attack I shouted to everyone to run as fast as they can.
      Just as we started running down the sound of shattered glass and percussion explosions rang closer than before, another building was falling. I was right and no one on this street was safe. We ran faster there was chaos, people caught in their tracks trying to witness this disaster were all around. Trying to grab some and tell them we need to get out of the city and away from these buildings before we'd be safe.
      Some were saved, Most were swallowed by the debris. The collapsing building drew closer when I was suddenly on a train of some sort speeding away from the chaise wreckage. The sounds of twisted steel, glass hitting the street, and peoples screams were the only things I could hear in our narrow getaway. Suddenly the train we were on started to ramp upward, the track we were on was leading us into the second largest building in the city. Moments after we entered the building the base and foundation began to crumble.
      Circling upward in a roller coaster type-esk loop through the center of the building we were showered with pieces of the walls, windows, doors, and everything else that was being blown away by explosions from unknown origins. The foundation began to shake, I knew if the building came down with us inside it that it would be over.
      Just as we reached the top and the structure began to fold under its immense weight, I could feel it falling all around us as we barely managed to make it out of the door to the roof.

      Which actually wasn't the roof, but was a meadow with flowers, animals, odd shaped stones and warm smells. Looking back I saw the city in my distance, crumbled and all buildings over 10 stories were now rubble.
      It was in the distance?
      Or was I?
      ...I don't know how I made it out of that building.
    10. Grand Mansion

      by , 02-11-2012 at 02:13 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      One of the most vivid beginnings
      WILD combo'd SUNEYE method
      Walked directly into dream of complete crispness and reality
      An outdoor oasis connected to a grand building
      A hall of greats, or more like a commonground of all men of old
      I felt humbled by a shared presence of beings
      My guide ushered me in, helping me into this new plane
      When confronted about his true identity as a character in my dream
      He responded "I am the guy who invented gravity"
      His appearance shifted with his will to express himself
      He was a young Hispanic looking male, then an older sage looking professor
      Sir Isaac Newton was my dream guide, and I was on cloud nine
      The majority of the experience I felt aware that I was inside a dreamstate, though it began as a crisp solitary landscape I believe I succumbed to the plot of conscious desires
      I 'fell' from the crispness of higher plane existance and began an inter-weaved trajectory of fragmented situations and impression based conversations
      My hands were my ground. Anytime the dream began to collapse, due either to longwinded interactions with dream characters or a hazy intention, I looked at my hands to realize the silhouette between flesh and flood was a mass of squiggles. Reminding me of the current dream and situation I demanded clarity and moved forward with what was taking place.
      I was in a great hall, once led by Newton he had departed from me once I began to entertain the frivolous dreamplots. There were many familiar yet distant faces and impressions. I conversed with DC to see what my SC wanted to inform me of. We spoke of mastering flying and how true intention only comes to fruition if absolute belief is had.
      I was jumping while explaining my difficulties with sustained flight.
      With increased altitude I attempted to fly to a nearby floating oasis in the sky, only to free-fall halfway there.
      Dissapointed byt not frightened while watching the platforms I was once on fade above me, I manifested a new scenario and instantly appeared in a room with all wood furnishings and a classic Victorian fireplace.
      She was pointing a gun at me-- shaped like a shotgun only somehow steampunked with a technospin-- at me.
      She told me I wasn't supposed to be there.
      Whomever was responsible for my presence would be punished, for I was not ready to experience what I had been presented with.
      Delving back into dream plots and ill faded fictitious meanderings, I practiced levetation, increased vision, manifesting specific people, and conversations with DC
      Lucidity was about 75%
      Reemerging back into the dreamscape from waking 3-4 times.
      But the time came to a close when all I could dream was on a projector screen in my head frozen mid-action.
      Finally releasing the state I rejoined this reality and awoke.
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    11. Just a dream

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:04 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Visions scattered assorted group
      I was with a few friends, one familiar the other two not.
      I knew we were working together to determine exactly when the others would arrive
      We were part of the few set to the task of proving they were coming
      Time passed and our excitement grew until one day the mood had changed
      Even though we all had discovered the arrival and we knew the time was close, no one seemed as excited as me for the news
      My best friend who I shared most of my liking with was put off
      No one would acknowledge this most wonderful thing had occurred
      Something is not right
      The feeling is off, familiar yet set apart
      She who was with me sensed that I was no longer deceived
      I knew then my companions were not mine alone
      They weren't coming, they were already here
      Discovering we were close to the truth they came prerequisite
      She informed me our truth was yet to grow
      And I needed to see what was here
      She pulled out some device and called forth for transport
      All looking up I saw the black dot appear in the sky
      Growing larger with more definition it was coming to us flat and faster than free fall
      My heart raced with the potential of approaching experience
      Not slowing I had no time to react before the disc plopped hard against the earths crust, like a coin hitting the surface flat
      Leaving our equipment we crossed the road towards this metallic craft which was empty and ready for our load
      Getting in it felt as if each seat was fitted for one, just enough for all of us
      There were lap seat belts which seemed more aesthetic than functional
      Before I could comprehend where I was, I was there
      Inside of some great room
      Metallic and streamline with overtones of blue and grey
      Everything seemed with purpose and beings scattered about the place in what appeared to be booths coupled threes and fours
      It was made known to me they looked exactly how they wanted us to see them
      My companions were no more and I felt rejoined
      I was to meet the leader
      Every other creature had the appearance of one of 4 humans
      As if they all shared from only 4 templates
      If I stared too long at any one the image would blur and they became someone else, still one of the four
      Their leader was tall and distinct
      A familiar and welcoming appearance he was covered in a metallic blueish bodysuit
      It continued up one side of his neck connecting to one slightly over-sized eye
      Hiss appearance was human, with certain forgivings
      The eye was veined with a neon blue
      The other was normal and warm as he grinned
      Black soft curly hair that stood on end was littered with white and bright blue highlights
      His name was Zerg and he asked me to walk with him
      Feeling as though I was walking across a cafeteria
      We approached a two seated booth
      He said I must have questions,
      and he would do his best to assist my position
      As he slid into his seat I could barely contain my excitement for the coming revelations
      Lowering myself onto my side I witnessed his lips moving beginning some great prologue,
      there was no sound
      And I awoke.