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    Oneironautic Escapades

    1. We are them

      by , 04-08-2023 at 12:23 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am in a run-down town walking through an industrial district that seems mostly abandoned
      I am with a few friends and we are aimlessly walking around
      Suddenly there is a massive flash and violent rumble with tornado-like winds and roaring
      The colour around us instantly changes to a dark orange sepia and visibility drops to a few feet
      Everyone is yelling
      We are next to an abandoned cafeteria and I quickly yell to my friends we need to get in there and get down
      Debris is flying everywhere, the roar is growing louder
      We barely make it in as the shaking is borderline earthquake levels
      I grab my buddy and throw him down between two counters and shout to get down because I know the worst is coming
      We huddle face down on the floor in the back room kitchen while debris crashes around us and the sound of a freight train traveling overhead
      I gather this is an attack and not a natural phenomena
      When the sound dies down we begin to stand up, most of the building we are in and surrounding buildings are in ruins
      Some of my friends are badly injured
      No sooner are we on our feet and we are suddenly bum-rushed by a massive fluidlike creature that seems like a cross between a squid a dementor and an alien
      It has a roundish "face" with hardly any discernible features besides bumps black spots and tube-like attachments
      It moves with great speed and violence
      Pushing us back and thrusting its massively long tentacles which seem like sharp spears with green tips
      It makes quick work of my party and I am stabbed through the center mass while falling through the air
      I fight with a rage as I am tumbling with the creature which is easily 7 times my size
      All but accepting my fate
      The creature lands on sharp debris from the building and is mortally wounded
      It sort of 'breaks open' and a two-inch long glowing neon green vitamin-looking object falls out of its head
      It is the shape of a cartoonish skull with two eye holes and a long face
      It lands next to me and for some reason I eat it
      I am instantly endowed with a foreign power of speed and strength
      My wounds are nonexistent
      There are other creatures here now
      I am now as strong and as fast as them
      The creatures tear easily under my bare hands
      Things are moving very fast and I can tell the tides are turning
      Once the ruined cafeteria we are in is cleared nothing but bodies litter the floor
      There are other survivors running around
      We gather together and I share what I learned
      Other warriors around me eat the neon green object that fell out of the other fallen creatures
      We are fighting back and winning now
      I see people a few hundred feet away from us running from something
      I yell out to them to join up
      There are fires and ruined infrastructure all around us, the sky is still orange
      One of our warriors is in one of the alien walker-type technology
      It makes him twice as tall with tentacles that walk along almost like a mech suit
      The things we ate seem to give us that ability
      My friends are gone, but I travel with the other survivors looking for our next victim
      We are changed now
      non-lucid , memorable