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    Oneironautic Escapades


    by , 06-05-2023 at 06:03 AM (136 Views)
    Gun Game

    Firearm situation with teams of people against each other
    I am with friends it is very tense like an action sequence
    Arming myself with various weapons and matching clips/ammo
    Have long x-ray scope I can snipe with, on some random rifle
    Take out two of the other team on the rooftop of the opposite building
    One enemy is in our building
    He casually walks through the door of our hotel room wearing a silver vest and smiling, he looks like liev schreiber
    I unload both clips of the auto pistols I have that look like pez dispensers
    He seems fairly unaffected and I instantly think he's cheating
    He shoots me a bunch with his auto but they feel like bbs or airsoft pellets while saying he messed me up really bad
    He has also stolen several pairs of my colored glasses and pulls them off his hip and hands them to me, I note they are colours I don't normally don't have like white and several brighter shades of green
    (Note: I hardly play fps games and do not own a firearm)


    I am in a dark large house on the second floor that has banisters wrapping the walls covered in fancy paintings
    A toddler maybe 4 or 5 runs at me shouting a play name for me "Nooooowwwwiiiiieeeee!" and they hug me like they are glad to see me after some long time. I say thanks I really needed that and the dream fades

    White Carpet

    The room becomes a very nice house
    I arrive out front of a very open all-glass wall seated in a rock wall with the front door wide open
    I realize I just woke up on the driveway with my head on my pillow
    There is a man who looks like Anthony Fauci sitting in a small round car that looks like a jetsons car with wheels, he is watching me stand up slowly
    I pretend to be ready to work, so I wave as I carry my pillow inside
    The foyer is all glass and opens to an ultra-wide stairwell leading down into their home
    The wife is in a flurry is getting ready to leave for work
    I tell them the service guy is here because I don't know what work I'm doing
    Now realize I am doing contracting work for a friend
    Long open floor concept spreading three of four rooms across and she wants all the white carpet ripped out
    I say no problem as she leaves for work
    I go outside to call Chris to double-check he's coming with the truck
    I am transported to the work warehouse and I'm hanging onto the back of the truck while talking to two other female employees
    One is obscured by a forklift
    We are back in front of the house
    The woman is finally leaving the driveway
    It is a very ritzy neighborhood and I see other fancy cars driving by
    For some reason, I ask her if the Bidens live up here
    I go back inside and start ripping the carpet up
    It is double layered and I realize it will take twice as long
    It's also double-sided with a black suede flowers pattern on the underside
    I now notice there is a difference of off-whites between the carpet in the kitchen and the carpet in the middle room as I haphazardly start to rip it up with a pair of scissors I found
    Realize I don't have any of my tools or kneepads and it's going to be a long day

    WBTB- Drank some blue lotus stamen tea, awake around 30-40 min
    Dream is nonsensical and a mishmash of the previous locations and people I interacted with. Did not get it written down

    Fragment of trying to journal my dream on my phone with little success
    Continually delete what I typed and tried several times to just get a single word to input correctly
    The dream fades and I wake up realizing I never journaled my dream
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