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    Florida Dreaming, Convention Elite

    by , 12-26-2020 at 05:52 PM (227 Views)

    I am at a school with many tables and people sitting in groups together, I recognize some kids from my middle school. We are right next to the coast in florida and notice some storms with dark clouds in the distance off the shore. Though the weather is sunny and beautiful where we are. I am walking down the beach with a friend collecting shells, there are some large ones by a kiosk selling drinks and food, the owner laughs at us for being touristy.

    I am now on a boat driving fast down the coast. I am seeing many coastal homes on the water most on stilts with varying colours and designs, they are very beautiful. I dip my hands into the water and feel the pressure of the water as it passes, it is serene.

    I tell the companion in the boat with me I am originally from Charleston south Carolina and this feels very nostalgic for me. We travel down the coast more and make it to an event center of sorts. It is very large and packed with business men in suits, they are all very rich, this almost feels like a pyramid scheme mixed with Wolf of Wall street type mood.

    My old manager tells me he has moved my section so I could 'be with my people' on the balcony of the convention. (Used to regular in our cocktail lounge at my old job IWL) I tell my companion I haven't been to work in weeks/months and I just showed up and they gave me my section back, I didn't even have to ask and laugh out loud.

    We are instructed to just bring beers to people sitting at tables, I clarify to the managers 'so you just want us to bring beers without them even asking for them?' 'Yes' they reply, seems fishy but I do what I'm told. Most of the businessmen are older with full suits on. I see that I am only wearing a black button up and stand out somewhat.

    I ask a table if they want beers but then notice they all look like minors, not dressed like the rest of the people there. They say yes they want beers so I ask for an ID. They all huddle around each other whispering. A girl in the middle produces her ID. I struggle to read it but notice she won't be 21 till 2026, she begins some obvious lie about how she ordered a new ID because they printed that one wrong. I don't believe her and walk away.

    Looking at the many different tables and displays there are many sweets like donuts and brownies and all sorts of chocolate confections. We are then told as workers we can have anything to eat we want. I have my eye on a candy cane shaped donut with coloured sprinkles but there are people who grab them up once we are told we can eat, I decide to walk around more and see what is available.

    Walking back to the front of the convention floor past most of the tables of treats. I notice the entrance looks like a convenience store. There are people standing in line for odds and ends by the register. I ask a guy at the front of the line if he wants a beer, he raises his hand and shakes his head graciously signaling no.

    I notice a giant full wall display cooler to the right. It has many different types of prawns/lobsters in it. The largest lobsters are at the top, they are larger than anything I've ever seen at 3-4 feet long. The sign says they are $69 a pound. I recall paying $28 a pound for king crab IWL so this doesn't seem too odd and I gather most of the business men are incredibly rich anyway.Still impressed by the display I pull out my phone to take a picture of the wall of shellfish.

    As I am walking back into the convention center I notice the sounds of my feet hitting the tile go quiet in a certain section just after the main doorway. Curious I am made aware that there was a scientist before who used to do his research in this facility. He made himself invisible and was never seen again. I am made aware he was murdered and his body was smashed by being stampeded by the mass of businessmen in suits all flooding the convention center. They left him on the floor of the entrance as a disgrace. There was no sound because people were walking over him. The dream fades as I am disgusted by this discovery.
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