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    Oneironautic Escapades

    Just a dream

    by , 01-18-2012 at 06:04 PM (581 Views)
    Visions scattered assorted group
    I was with a few friends, one familiar the other two not.
    I knew we were working together to determine exactly when the others would arrive
    We were part of the few set to the task of proving they were coming
    Time passed and our excitement grew until one day the mood had changed
    Even though we all had discovered the arrival and we knew the time was close, no one seemed as excited as me for the news
    My best friend who I shared most of my liking with was put off
    No one would acknowledge this most wonderful thing had occurred
    Something is not right
    The feeling is off, familiar yet set apart
    She who was with me sensed that I was no longer deceived
    I knew then my companions were not mine alone
    They weren't coming, they were already here
    Discovering we were close to the truth they came prerequisite
    She informed me our truth was yet to grow
    And I needed to see what was here
    She pulled out some device and called forth for transport
    All looking up I saw the black dot appear in the sky
    Growing larger with more definition it was coming to us flat and faster than free fall
    My heart raced with the potential of approaching experience
    Not slowing I had no time to react before the disc plopped hard against the earths crust, like a coin hitting the surface flat
    Leaving our equipment we crossed the road towards this metallic craft which was empty and ready for our load
    Getting in it felt as if each seat was fitted for one, just enough for all of us
    There were lap seat belts which seemed more aesthetic than functional
    Before I could comprehend where I was, I was there
    Inside of some great room
    Metallic and streamline with overtones of blue and grey
    Everything seemed with purpose and beings scattered about the place in what appeared to be booths coupled threes and fours
    It was made known to me they looked exactly how they wanted us to see them
    My companions were no more and I felt rejoined
    I was to meet the leader
    Every other creature had the appearance of one of 4 humans
    As if they all shared from only 4 templates
    If I stared too long at any one the image would blur and they became someone else, still one of the four
    Their leader was tall and distinct
    A familiar and welcoming appearance he was covered in a metallic blueish bodysuit
    It continued up one side of his neck connecting to one slightly over-sized eye
    Hiss appearance was human, with certain forgivings
    The eye was veined with a neon blue
    The other was normal and warm as he grinned
    Black soft curly hair that stood on end was littered with white and bright blue highlights
    His name was Zerg and he asked me to walk with him
    Feeling as though I was walking across a cafeteria
    We approached a two seated booth
    He said I must have questions,
    and he would do his best to assist my position
    As he slid into his seat I could barely contain my excitement for the coming revelations
    Lowering myself onto my side I witnessed his lips moving beginning some great prologue,
    there was no sound
    And I awoke.

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