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    Lucid Fragments and The Answer

    by , 12-21-2020 at 01:25 AM (444 Views)

    Lucid fragments

    I am laying in bed and G pops her head around the corner and asks me if we have a t-shirt with the word NASA on it. Cause someone is here who wants it back. I know immediately this is a dream and tell her no one is here because I am dreaming. I nosepinch and affirm it.

    Several times I start to wake up and partially open my eyes to see my bedroom and re-enter the dream with a nosepinch.

    One of the times I pop back into a bedroom which is larger than my own and I gather I am in a large house. There is a girl in the room who looks like Amanda Seyfried who is fawning for me. I understand I am not supposed to be there and her father is in the house looking for me. So I wander through some rooms and find myself in a large walk-in closet, the dream starts to collapse several times so I rub my hands together to bring it back. I am in the closet so I reach out to feel the clothes hanging up to get a tactile sensation making the dream more anchored. I notice there is a makeup vanity set up in the corner of the dark walk in closet. She slips in the closet and kisses me a few times as her father draws nearer, she then walks out to distract him while I hide in the large dark closet.

    Starting to wake up again I nosepinch and re-enter another dream. I am in my bedroom again and there are 2 random people in the room. I know this isn't real because I'm quarantined and don't have company. They disappear and I sit up to start talking to the dream. I say 'I am aware I am dreaming', I nosepinch again and the dream gets clearer. Everything is very bright crisp and the layout to my room is slightly different than IWL. I say out loud 'I know I am dreaming right now, I am listening, show me what I need to see' I look around and partially notice a couple attachable lamps/mini electric devices hanging from my bed frame. I say again, 'I am listening, show me' and suddenly the two devices light up with life and begin buzzing around my head like small single propeller drones. One of them hovers inches from my face looking directly at me. I am cautious in the first instant but immediately calm myself acknowledging this is the dream communicating with me.

    It is a white plastic device which has a rounded cone end like the tip of a rocket and buzzing propeller blades which keep it aloft. I calmly watch it for a few seconds while the second one buzzes around to the right of me. I say 'Hello, show me what I need to know' it hovers bouncing inches from my face for almost 30 seconds with no indication of changing. I repeat again, 'I am watching, show me' I feel the dream start to collapse but maintain the awareness by feeling the sheets in my hands without changing my vision. It flies over to the second one on the right of me. I look down my bed and see the two of them circling each other like small bats in flight. They are pointing towards my stack of books at the foot of my bed, flying towards them then away in a "Look here" type manner. The dream fades and I awake in my dark bedroom.

    Note: there are ~50 books stacked against my bookcase at the foot of my bed from a library sale last year, perhaps my answer is in here?
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    1. Summerlander's Avatar
      The nose-pinch reality check was quite effective for me early in my practice. Now I just penetrate walls with my fist. Another good one is to focus on the index finger for at least ten seconds to see if its form becomes warped.

      Nothing like living out an erotic fantasy in a lucid dream. The 'father' character appears to reinforce the taboo element which can potentially make it more exciting.

      It should, in principle, be easier to spot dreamsigns involving the company of people during this pandemic.

      I am puzzled by the mysterious drones that emerged in your lucid dream. I read Robert Waggoner's Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self a few years ago and was fascinated by his concept of 'the awareness behind the dream'.

      It might seem like metaphysical woo woo at first, but there might actually be something there to be explored ...

      Why do I say this? Split-brain patients have revealed right-brain hemispheres that exhibit more awareness and cognitive abilities than a toddler---suggesting there is more to consciousness beyond the apparently dominant and analytical hemisphere that tends to employ the reductionist approach when observing reality.

      There are also intriguing cases of paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders which makes me wonder about emulations of sentient beings in dreams.

      I have also noticed that, in ordinary dream states, characters seem 'more with it' than me, the dreamer; as though they are more consciously aware and know their way around the dreamworld while I feel like a clueless zombie often getting lost ...

      ... until I become lucid, and then I notice that in that 'aha' moment my metacognition is sharp to the detriment of whatever semblance of sentience surrounds me---as though, in that moment, the dream 'movie' has come to a halt, time stands still, and dream people resemble mannequins in need of recuperation; and I wonder if my newfound state of lucidity drained the life out of them.

      And this process can always be reversed as the oneiric status quo is fluid and takes effort to stabilise; and like in a zero sum game, if I am not careful, my loss becomes their gain ...