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    Female Dream Character Reaches "Perfection"

    by , 04-21-2016 at 11:57 PM (417 Views)
    April 21, 2016 LUCID DREAM # 16: WBTB: I am flying- initially non-lucid. I suddenly realize, I must be dreaming! High above the ground, no reality check is required! I look about and find that I am flying over a modestly sized city-scape comprised of about 60% high-rise buildings. There is fresh snow on the roof-tops. The air is clear, bright, and spring-like. I have no recollection of wind or temperature, but I am periodically flying in and amongst birds, many, but not all of which are pigeons. The frequency and variety of bird-calls is high, consistent with a spring morning...and SO REAL!! The bird calls are completely familiar from real life, although I cannot name the species.

    I swoop down and snag a handful of snow off of the edge of one of the buildings with my right hand. It has the coarse gravel-like texture of the icy mix typical of New England, not the nice fluffy snow of the western USA. I rub the handful of snow under my left armpit and I can feel its cold, gritty wetness as if it I were awake and this was “real life” and I am STUNNED...floored in fact by the “reality” of this sensation and the clarity and detail of this LD.

    Off in the distance I see a building whose upper reaches at this altitude and from my viewing angle is reminiscent of the outline of a favorite toy character, Gumby. I will the building to >>BE<< Gumby, and when I look back a second time, it has indeed transformed into Gumby, complete with green color, eyes, smile, arms and split-base legs! A second, far more distant building apparently has also transformed, except that it is the pinkish color of an pencil eraser, and the building’s radio/TV antenna is still sticking up into the sky. I am GREATLY amused by this!

    I remember descending, but do not remember landing on the ground. I find myself on the concrete “patio” of an inexpensive hotel. I (rather brazenly) slide open the sliding glass doors and enter without invitation to find four barely-out-of-high-school aged boys lounging on the nearest of two beds, having very nearly finished off the last of a six pack of Corona beer. Four empty beer bottles and a box of Cheeze-Its are on the rumpled bedspread, and two fellows (standing) are holding bottles that have maybe an inch of golden-yellow beer remaining in them. A conversation ensues in which I ask if any of them knew if there were any women about with whom to have sex. They appear too young and demure to have seriously considered this as an option for themselves, and so they say (paraphrasing) “No, but if you want, go ahead and check.”

    The end of their bed is on my right. There is a chair and round table to the left, followed by a longish counter with drawers, upon which sits a (non-flat screen) TV. There is a framed mirror on the wall. I look at my reflection. I look JUST LIKE the TV character Richie Cunningham from Happy Days! I am wearing a denim jacket. In the right breast pocket I can feel a thin wallet. I somehow know if I take it out and open it I can learn my dream identity, but I’m more interested in finding a woman with whom to have sex. I turn away from the mirror, walk past the end of the second bed in the room (on my right), past the alcove containing clothes hangers and the fold-out canvas thing hotels provide on which you can put your luggage, and open the door and exit.

    I turn to look at the room number so I know where to return. It is 17. I look a second time and it has changed to 69-C! I look away a third time and when I look back it has changed AGAIN! Dammit! How am I going to find this room again where the rightful occupants seem to not object to me bringing a woman if I find one????

    Out in the hall I find I am in luck. The room is a CORNER ROOM! That helps alot. I turn my back on the hall and walk to the corner, and lo and behold - right there, only steps from the door is a young, attractive woman about the age of 19. She is adorable - with a short brown hair cut like a bowl.
    Me: “Would you like to have sex?”
    Her: “YES!”
    Me: “Have you ever had sex before?”
    Her: “Yes, but I’ve never reached perfection.”
    Me: “Well, practice makes perfect!” - I think to myself - I’m fucking clever even in my dreams!!!

    I take her hand and lead her into the room. My God! Her hands are as soft and as real as any young woman with whom I have held hands. Again, I’m stunned by the seeming reality of this dream! I am also increasingly aware that she is not a particularly intelligent DC, and my morality starts kicking in even more. OK..she’s not a virgin...and she seems non-plussed about having sex with me even though there are four other guys in the room. Lets see where this goes.

    For some reason I decide to throw back the bedspread on the bed furthest from the door which has the beer bottles and the Cheeze-Its on it to prepare it for our encounter. From that point on I never see any of the four boys in the room again. While I’ve had my back turned to this utterly adorable woman while stripping back the bedspread, SHE has stripped down completely naked! I turn back to her and she is doing light jumping jacks adjacent to the pile of her clothes on the floor at her feet. Her breasts are bouncing very provocatively to my shocked delight! I IMMEDIATELY get the impression that someone who has had sex with her before had encouraged (taught?) her to do this for their own lascivious entertainment, capitalizing on her simple nature to get her to do it. No matter, it IS very erotic, and I'm happy to be the incidental beneficiary! I love it!

    I put my hands on her shoulders and lower her arms to her side and lay her supine at the bottom of the bed. I am still fully clothed. I start to kiss her and am enjoying it even though I discover she is VERY unschooled in kissing. After a moment she declares “No more kissing!” so I descend a bit to her breasts where I enjoy myself kissing, nibbling, sucking, squeezing and (frankly) manhandling her C cup sized breasts. After a moment of doing this I start to worry the next thing she will say is “No more fondling!” so I descend with my mouth even further south.

    My activity in this region (to keep this no more than R rated) is having quite an effect. My hands are cupping her buttocks to insure optimal contact between us, and after a moment her hands cover mine and I can feel the pressure and her muscle tension building in her thighs. She suddenly grabs two handfulls of sheets and I hear her say. “Oh, god......ohhhh, god......OHHHHHHH, GOD!!!!!! I look up without breaking contact. Her eyes are wide, her mouth open, and her chest is convulsing. I am EXTREMELY pleased with myself. She asks “What was THAT????" It suddenly dawns on me this woman has never before had an orgasm...and is in fact not even AWARE of the word “orgasm” to describe what just happened! I reflect back on our first conversation and respond “That was Perfection!” Her (almost shouting): “Perfection!!! I reached PERFECTION!!!”

    The last thing I remember before waking up is laughing at her joy and her exclamation. Wake time = 4:53am.
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      A truly amazing dreaming experience! Congrats, and may you have many more like this soon!
    2. Hunter491's Avatar
      So wait, was it WBTB + MILD?