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    12/24/2010 - Jail, Superheroes and a Bar

    by , 12-24-2010 at 08:51 PM (471 Views)
    The last dream of this segment I became lucid! This was my first lucid dream - ever! While it only lasted for a short time (due to, well, being new to it and not being able to stabilize), I can't tell you how excited I am at this improvement! Also, the dream that I had during was really, really vivid. Interesting.

    12/24/2010 - Dream Fragment - Jail

    I found myself competing in a drinking competition with Jim while in jail. There were lots of colorful drinks.

    12/24/2010 - Superheroes

    I had an intricate dream where I was on the beach. I think I was a superhero, but I definitely had the ability to control tornadoes. I do remember that we were on the coast. I had to help defend the town from three tornadoes that were ultimately creating monsoons for the town. As the town wizards rallied, a large lady (black, curly black hair) spoke to me and told me that if the waves causes a swell of greater than 8 meters, the levies would break and the city would be destroyed.

    I became highly interested in this and we prepared at the coastline. All three tornadoes came from next to one another, causing huge tidal waves. The wizards attempted to quell the waves as we protected the coastal city, but it became quickly apparent that the wizards would not be able to successfully combat the three tornadoes when they were all in the same place. The waves were already reaching upwards of 8 meters (said the woman), and it was almost at critical mass. I watched the waves come crashing into the village as she said this. I decided that I had to take a gambit to save this town.

    I used my powers to move one of the tornadoes. I was only able to apparently move one, because I was too weak after moving the first one. I changed it from all three tornadoes being right next to one another, northeast off the coastline, to one of them closer and northwest of the town. This gambit paid off, as it allowed the wizards valuable time to quell that tornado and then take care of the others. We were able to wrangle the tornadoes and take control of nature. We also protected the town.

    (Diagram of the coast and tornado movement is here in my physical journal)

    I returned to the beach, where I found my grandpa and the large lady talking with one another. My grandpa said that he was very proud of my success. He asked us for some hot chocolate (which I recall him asking for before, but I don't recall him before this part of the dream. He might of been talking with the large lady when I was solving shit). She asked why my grandfather was asking for hot chocolate so often, to which I said that my grandma always used to make it for him. I made some appear and gave it to him. He smiled large and my grandma's voice in my head said thank you. I told the fat lady I heard my grandma and I started crying. The scene fades.

    12/24/2010 - Bar

    I think this was supposed to be related to the first dream. I was in a bar that was colored very light brown and with a lot of beige. I was sitting at the counter of the bar. I recall there being dream characters about, but I don't recall seeing any. I do recall that Jimmy was in my dream again, but that I never saw or talked with him. I was watching a news report on the television while drinking a beer. I remember that Britney Spear's "Toxic" was playing on the jukebox, but I don't recall seeing the jukebox either. I was also irritated and a bit confused by it being on in here. I reached for the menu and opened it to look at it and I started to feel a bit odd. I read over the menu once, but then stared at it. The letters changed before my eyes. "I must be dreaming," I thought to myself.

    There was an audible snap and everything became incredibly vivid as I became lucid. I was actually overtaken by emotion and excitement! This was my first lucid dream - ever! When I got excited, I remembered that if I didn't calm down I would wake up, but instead of calming down first I started attempting stabilization techniques. I looked at my hands in order to deeply observe them, but they seemed like they were cut off (I was missing half of each hand, diagonally, from my wrist bone to my index finger knuckle). It started to worry me. I stop doing this and got up quickly and I touched the table, tripping over a chair in scurrying over to one of the back bar counters. I grabbed one of the clear salt shakers that had a yellow lid and many, many holes (industrial) and began to feel it with both of my hands. While doing this, I accidentally closed my eyes and the scene faded to black.

    I snapped my eyes open and I was in my room. I immediately tried a reality check, but it wasn't a false awakening. Success, ladies and gentlemen! After two years of on and off trying, I finally had a successful lucid dream - a DILD! Now the next step: Do it again, remain calm, and stabilize properly. I'm so pleased with myself I can hardly stand it.

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