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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Up in the sky in the arena, Olympian demigods holding back the cyborg elite

      by , 08-11-2011 at 07:19 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      Last night was nothing too long nor vivid, just a small fragment.

      I remember being with my father, among others, in an arena lit by yellow sunlight. The arena was suspended in the clouds. It was very Olympian/Herculean/Greek-mythology-esque, complete with massive marble columns supporting the half-domed roof. We were fighting a high-technology battle against a horde a machine-like foes. I remember casting out a blanket of small, silvery heat-seeking missiles and perceiving them head-first as they engulfed one of the part-man, part-god, part-robot enemies in a small but thoroughly destructive rain of fire.

      That's about all I can pull out of my memory for this one, which is unfortunate because of how surreal the small scene that I can remember is. I love the concept of an ancient high-technology battle among lesser gods. (I wasn't told explicitly, but I'm almost certain that this was indeed an ancient battle, occurring during the glory days of ancient Greek legend).

      Chicken and tomatoes on the skillet before bed,
      2x krill oil
    2. Zombies borne from the Antarctic - thank the chickens

      by , 08-05-2011 at 10:56 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      First online entry.

      I had a very long dream, probably in the 30-45 minutes before I woke up, about a zombie-like illness that originated from Antarctic chickens. (Well, a facility that was doing lab testing on chickens in the Antarctic). I remember being bunkered down at my post. If memory serves - it may not - I was at the base of a frozen, craggy mountain to my Southeast. Across the frozen expanse to my North was another mountain, much farther away. I may have felt responsible for the tragedy. Directly or indirectly. I don't really remember that for certain, but I do remember a feeling of dread, incompleteness, moral or emotional sickness. Quiet personal turmoil. Not that the idea of zombie apocalypse wouldn't haunt me, but it was more than that. Very psychological and very dark.

      Towards the closing moments of the dream, there was a fragment involving my mother and I trying to contain the infestation/sickness. Mom was putting a disease-ridden chicken back into a coop after it had escaped. Wherever we were wasn't frozen, it was grassy, but sparsely and still cold - like a tundra. Mom was trying to maintain that trademark care-free zest of hers', and seeing her trying to maintain composure at the brink, or the midst of an apocalypse only troubled me further.

      I was happy to wake up from this one. And happy that I was able to shrug it off, but oh shit did I have a sour taste in my mouth that morning. Figuratively.

      5.5 hours of sleep
      Krill oil, 1 capsule
      Chamomile tea (strong)
      Watched Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura right before bed, the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Facility episode - was the source of inspiration for the dream, beyond a doubt.

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