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    Cockroach fragment | [19.07.2019]

    by , 07-22-2019 at 04:03 PM (93 Views)
    "Cockroaches" in my way
    I needed to crawl through a thick bush of sorts, towards my mother waiting behind it for some reason. In front of me, on the stem of the plants making up the bush, sat two gigantic "cockroaches". I "knew" they were cockroaches when I found them in the dream, but in reality, they looked like a sort of moth, stretched into the shape of a cockroach and resized to a size double the size of my hand. I wanted to push them off of the stem, but I took them instead. Something like this always happens in my dreams. I then tried to set it on the dirt, but for some reason, the back of it had a crimson-colored substance on it's back, sticking to my hand as if it like super glue to my hand. After a few attempts of getting it off using my other hand to attempt to push it off, I tried to set it back on the stem. It moved its legs and gripped onto the tree, somehow very easily coming off of my hand, as if it could control how sticky the red substance was.

    I actually forgot to submit this when I wrote it.

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