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    Nearly lucid | [24.05.2021]

    by , 05-26-2021 at 02:24 PM (103 Views)
    Forgot to document this one.

    Nearly lucid
    There is something related to the movie the dark tower. I am younger. There is some sort of man with a spaceship, and we had an adventure and it was time to say goodbye as we stand on the sidewalk next to the place I live. We have a sort of discussion.

    Scene change. In my room. Am on the computer at night and there is some sort of loud screaming coming from my computer speakers and I felt something was about to happen. I frantically went to mute my audio, but it didn't work. This made me wonder if I am dreaming, so I pinched my nose and breathed through it, but I either tried teleporting away and it didn't work, or I just didn't understand the result of my reality check and just planned to continue on with the story. Either way, I woke up because of a noise in real life.

    I thought of reality checking because that is actually a recurring situation in some of my lighter nightmares, and the feeling was familiar as well. It was also pretty surprising since I didn't do my routine for a long time now. There was also a recurring scene, where I anticipated that I'd meet a screaming female character that has a horrible amount of terror associated with her; I think I had dreamt about her when I was little.

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