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    Otherworldly computer chip adventure | [01.08.2020]

    by , 08-01-2020 at 04:29 PM (58 Views)
    Otherworldly computer chip adventure
    I am in Subnautica, and some option I accidentally selected transports me to the void, there might even have been a ghost leviathan already spawned. I panic and press another button and it sends me to the Aurora and again I panic since suddenly there's a reaper leviathan.

    Then, the scene changes to me and a younger version of a guy I know, Ethan, in some place I can't discern. I can only see that there's the eponymous computer chip and another object, possibly also computer related. I take the computer chip, and Ethan and I suddenly travel through a little tunnel in the chip to some more degenerated version of reality. I find out that it does just that, it's supposed to. I travel through it again and see a sort of weird sea creature from the perspective of the sky.

    Suddenly, I am in the living room of my waking home and open the cupboard of my father. The scene might have changed slightly so that the cupboard and I are standing in a cafe. In any case there was some sort of woman, maybe my mother, and if the cafe existed she was co-owner with me. I pulled the chip out of the cupboard and we travelled to a sort of grassy plains area. Now the purpose of the chip was simply to travel to another dimension and back. We walked around a bit, and not even ten seconds after that she suddenly found a large, beautiful diamond. We were very happy and returned. We suddenly then had lots of money to spend and did so. I don't remember how, though.

    I might have done something relating to chemistry.
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