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    Possible lucid or semi-lucid dream? | [23.04.2020]

    by , 04-23-2020 at 03:32 PM (188 Views)
    I am in my house. Suddenly, I reality check and (maybe, not sure if this is just dreaming I am lucid) I seemingly get lucid. I reality check, but for some reason, it doesn't work but it seems to help retain lucidity anyway? I then run my hand along a cupboard while walking into the living room because I remember reading that touching things helps ground you in lucidity. Then I lose lucidity and I am standing in front of the terrarium of the roaches I keep as pets, and they are somehow escaping, one after another. I try to tell my mother, but she is somehow drunk or something and I can't really move, so they just keep escaping and I can't do anything about it.

    False awakening
    I then seemingly wake up, and suddenly I skip to telling my mother that I had a lucid dream.

    Weird machine story..?
    I am in like a steampunk sort of setting, with a lot of orange lighting, and I have to somehow repair a machine or something, and it involves somebody who is apparently my brother. I am then in my house again, and I need to get somewhere, but there is something chasing me. I reach for the bathroom window and open it and try to use some sort of wand thing to fly out of the window, but I don't fit because the window is suddenly shaped weirdly. I then go into the room right next to the bathroom and fly out of a large window there. I then sort of go to a sort of court-like building but I am not sure. There is also something chasing me there, so I fly up into the air and just float above, looking down.

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