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    Subnautica dream | [05.08.2019]

    by , 08-05-2019 at 02:11 PM (194 Views)
    Subnautica dream
    I am at the Lost River in the cyclops submarine, located at an entrance to it which is just a large hole in the seabed. I am walking around the upper part of the ship while large so-called "ghost leviathans" attacking me. The cyclops seems to be invincible, yet the ghost leviathans are still able to push it around. One glitches through the ship hull and throws me back a bit. I remember being at a different location, likely the safe shallows, for a bit, before suddenly being back at the Lost River. I then drive the Cyclops through the hole into the Lost River.
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    Tags: ocean, subnautica
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable


    1. Letaali's Avatar
      Great game btw
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