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    Very sad dream, freaky dream and blurry fragment | [25.08.2020]

    by , 08-25-2020 at 02:17 PM (113 Views)
    Very sad dream
    At first, I am a woman, I'm at my home. I might be going to a marriage or am already married. I want to go to my husband, but I hear that he doesn't have long to live, maybe because of cancer. I go to him and he's at a sort of private rollercoaster park, which seems to be very rusted and old, to have fun. Then suddenly I am the man and apparently I have a son that has only a bit of time to live. He's now at the rollercoaster park and I go to him. He also goes to play on the rollercoaster. He has only hours to live, it seems. I go to play with him. I sort of push his cart around and tell him that if anything happens while I play with him and he dies, he should know that I will always love him. I cry as I say it. He says that I of course will always love him, and so I am happy that he knows and always knew.

    Freaky dream
    It's night and I am at home. Suddenly, some sort of creepy dog creature approaches and I recognize it as some horror character. I wake up my mother and maybe my father and sort of run a few circles around my home, but then I tell them to go and grab knives. I go first and run to the cupboard, where there's a pile of knifes. At first I only see short knives, but then I see a long knife. I take it and stab the creature until it stops moving. Then, my father goes to sleep again or maybe was sleeping the whole time, but then a sort of puppet creature comes and I wake him up. I then stab it until it, too, stops moving and then he wakes up entirely and comes out of his room and asks what attacked me. I say it was Chucky. Then there's a sort of segment where I am in a sort of train-esque vehicle which could remind one of the train in Tomorrowland, unhappy about something, talking to someone. There's also a strange feeling.

    Blurry fragment
    A sort of blurry fragment, maybe about chemistry.

    That first one was sad.. wow.

    That second one was cool.

    I also tried a mantra when I woke up one time, but then I had to get up, sadly. Maybe I can recall that I have to do one when I first go to sleep next time.
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