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    Dream Journal - Iphones Screen Scrached

    by , 01-01-2016 at 09:16 PM (322 Views)

    Thank You For Watching My Dream Journey To Became Lucid.

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    1. lunagoddess's Avatar
      What a frustrating dream! Do you find that talking about your dreams and recording your dreams helps you to remember them?
      I'm curious for bilingual people such as yourself if there's a difference in recall depending on whether you record your dreams in your first or second language.
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    2. Dragnets's Avatar
      It was an experiment. I find it easier to talk about it in English. It doesn't matter which language. Use the one you are most comfortable. I find that every person got to find what helps them. For example I kept Physical Dream Journal for more than a year, mostly English as it was easier for me( in terms how many letter had to write). Had some success. Until I learn how to store the recalled dreams in my head. Which amplified my ability to recall dreams. Right now I hold about 30 dreams. I can recall them any time I want to. Doing this it improved my recall ability and also every day recall. Remembering Bank card,Library membership, Friend phone numbers.

      I find more beneficial where I create How to videos. Like this one how to dream what you want to dream. In those video I record on what I learn from books, audio,workshops and videos. I create my own understanding and what works for me. I am sure it send a signal to my subconscious that Lucid Dream is important to me.
      Updated 07-26-2016 at 05:39 PM by Dragnets