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    Curious dream

    by , 02-12-2014 at 10:56 PM (211 Views)
    This dream happened a few weeks ago|
    I was in a classroom with some classmates and my teacher. He's doing his teaching thing and I look around. I then think "I don't recall (some things the classroom does't have in rl) I then say I'm dreaming. I stand up and try summoning a dc it fails. As I'm standing there trying to get the dc walks over to the classroom door. I then look at him he seems furious (the kind of cuss word mad but I'm using nice language :3 ) he taps on a phone and I assume its broken. He then leans toward a red button. At this point I begin to get worried I tried passionate commands like " I know he'll stop" but he continues toward the button! I'm seriously worried and I yell stop. He stands up straight frozen in place.... Then I get closer because I realize the dream is ending I examine his face. But the dream ends anyway.| was he trying to stop me from lucid dreaming? But why would a dc from my dream ( I have a nice imagination) stop me from LDing? This is my third lucid. I'm still trying to enter lucidity during dream and ask him why. Goodbye

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