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    The Aliens and the SAT

    by , 05-29-2012 at 12:20 PM (474 Views)
    I was hanging out with a group of friends in my neighborhood. We heard stories about UFOs and Aliens that were coming to visit our town. And in fact, later on, while we were playing videogames down in my basement, we heard a loud shooting noise outside. We ran out and gazed up at the sky. Sure enough, we saw a large asteroid headed for Earth, including a small flying thing next to it. My friend's sister walked up to us and told us not to freak out, and that the astronauts were just testing.
    So we waited, and finally, the meteor came crashing down near our house. We went to take a look but couldn't find it. On the way back, we saw a man in a space suit parachuting down to my street. We thought he was an alien, so we hid away and watched him. He walked up to another man in a space suit and took his helmet off to reveal that he was some rock and roll star, complete with the 80s hair metal look.

    I think this next dream was a different one. Sure felt like it anyway.
    I was at my school for the SAT. The school looked warped, with green lit hallways and lots of equipment placed out to the side. I walked up to the lady at the counter.
    "Name, please?" she asked.
    "Tanner Fugate," I said.
    She punched in some seemingly random numbers into her computer and smiled. "Now go to sleep."
    I looked at her questioningly before feeling lightheaded and sleepy and collapsing onto the cold floor. I woke up, what seemed like hours later, in a small classroom. My old English teacher was in there, staring at me expectingly, like I was supposed to do something. I looked up at the dry-erase marker board, and written on it was various bits of Nadsat slang from a Clockwork Orange. So I let loose, thinking he wanted me to recite it or something. Can't recall exactly what I said, but:
    "You foul, ranctuous, rangetty blotherhob! You give me this strange feelin' all in me guttywutts!" and oh yeah, I was having a great time just shouting Nadsat, feeling like Alex from A Clockwork Orange. The teach clapped and said I did a wonderful job, and then I fell BACK asleep, only to wake up laying sideways to see the one clerk lady and the English teacher examining me for some kind of disease.

    And that's all I remember. The Nadsat slang itself actually didn't make much sense ;L oh well. Both of these dreams were cool.

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