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    All Friends at a Play

    by , 11-12-2013 at 02:21 PM (338 Views)
    I was in a long line that stretched from my house to (you guessed it) a warped version of my school. This is another thing I should keep an eye out for in my dreams..
    I was waiting in the line with my girlfriend. Apparently there was a play going on at the school. When we got close to it, my girlfriend mysteriously disappeared and I was left wondering where I should be going. I entered the building and discovered my girlfriend's mom, who got angry at me and told me to put my two packs of luggage (which I was magically now holding) under the stage. I tried to do so, but she shouted.
    "You need help with those!"
    "But..not real-"
    "Go get help."
    I walked towards the stairs and found a manager there who told me to go put the two packs under the stage. I got annoyed, telling them that that's what I was trying to do in the first place.
    I put my luggage under the stage, and headed back to the stairs, this time going down them. As I did, a large group of people headed up. They were who I assumed to be the actors for the play. I saw multiple people I knew, and a lot of them gave me dirty looks, even though some of them are friends in real life. I got to the last step and entered a large, warehouse looking place. The line was stretching all around the edges of the walls here, from left to right, filled with people. I tried to figure out where my girlfriend or my friends were, and found one of my friends who told me how stupid this was.

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