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    by , 03-14-2014 at 12:54 PM (381 Views)
    I've had work for the past two days at my new job, which required me getting up super early. That threw off my recall a bit, but it's back now, with a vengeance!

    So apparently I was in Australia (I don't find this out till later in the dream). Of course, I've never been there, so the environment I was seeing wasn't based off of it or anything. Me and my ever-present girlfriend were hanging out like we usually do in my dreams, except we were in a house I didn't really recognize. It looked large and well decorated, almost as if the owner had a lot of money.
    There's a gap in my memory to what happened here, but I eventually found myself exploring a weird house that was different from the one I was in before. For some reason, the house reminded me of the house from Gone Home, except stranger. I kept looking through it, bumping into two drunk old men on my way through, and eventually found my way down into a large chasm where a flowing river was going. The chasm opened out to an ocean, and it was night time. I wanted to get on the other side, but going in the water made me wary. I didn't know what might be in there.
    So! Somehow, my dream self thought I could get across by using a super power: sending jets from my feet to collide myself off the surface of the water so I could bounce across. "Genius..." I thought to myself.
    I jumped towards the water and tried using the power, but it failed miserably and I started sinking. It quickly activated as I was sinking, and I could feel SOMETHING slither by my legs. I quickly jetted out of the water and back to the beginning of the chasm.
    As I made my way back upstairs, I was confronted by my girlfriend's grandma, who started scolding me about a lot of things.

    At first I thought this next dream was a separate one, but my dream self literally referenced the previous dream to a friend, so it seems they were connected.
    Suddenly I was in school. My Japanese classroom. However, all the students around me seemed unfamiliar, yet I accepted the fact that I knew them. I talked to one of them about my encounter with my girlfriend's grandma previously. We then were tasked with playing some kind of word game, but sadly I don't remember how that went.

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