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    A Beautiful Terror World

    by , 06-20-2012 at 12:49 PM (516 Views)
    After not having very good recall for a few days, I finally remembered a dream.
    I was ready to play. I booted up my phone. The loading screen of the game was a multi-colored background with a creepy girl on the foreground. I giggled at that. The game started, and suddenly, it felt like I was in the game. The game had a Metroid Prime-ish feel to how it looked; I was using a sort of cannon as my gun. The game took your house and made a technicolored version of it where you go to kill a vampire.
    Okay, these must be dream signs. First, Grandma's house has been in so many of my dreams lately. :L And that vampire was in one dream a few months ago. Notice the slight similarity between this dream and the one where we explored my Grandma's house for monsters like a horror shooter? XD
    I explored Grandma's house, a little creeped out. The whole walls were covered by a mix of red, pink, purple, and black. The mix of colors was disorienting. I noticed that down in the basement were tons of archways to my left that led out to a large gym-like area under the basement. There, a vampire was patrolling the bleachers. "I FOUND YOU." He screamed. I screamed in return. A large spotlight shot from the gym, illuminating me. I quickly ran forward, trying to escape the light. As I escaped it, he lost sight of me. I hid in a side room. I did this for a while, till I got to the end of the hallway. Once I was there, I snuck out of the last room and crept into the gym behind the bleachers where he was standing. I climbed up the stairs and hung onto the side as I waited for him to go back. He was standing, like, right above me. Luckily, he didn't see me. I crawled on all fours around the bleachers till I got to the top.
    -insert important plot details that I don't remember here-
    I must've killed the vampire though, because I was safe and sound and now sitting in my own home, with my friend Kaylee watching me play the game once again. As the game booted up, and the creepy girl appeared on the cover, she pointed at it and said, "That looks like me!"
    And yeah, that's about everything I remember.

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