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    Cons on an Island (Nov. 2nd)

    by , 11-08-2013 at 02:20 PM (341 Views)
    I was away on a trip for all of the past week, and didn't have time to upload my dream journal entry, so here it is now!
    I was at an island with my girlfriend and her mom. Coincidentally enough, that's who I was on the trip IRL with. We were staying at some sort of lodge on the island, and playing Far Cry 3. (fitting). I don't remember the exact details, but there was some kind of shootout in our lodge between some guys and a blue haired girl. She jumped into the air in slow motion and managed to kill some of them before being shot herself and killed.
    My ex girlfriend ended up crashing on the island, and we had to take her in till she came to. Once she did, we shunned her and decided to go to an anime convention being held on the island.
    This is also what the trip in real life was for, an anime con. I walked around at this convention, which looked just like the real life convention center I was at except without walls. I found an old lady there who looked like Sayid from LOST.

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