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    Creepy Yet Memorable Adventure

    by , 03-11-2012 at 02:11 PM (592 Views)
    Recalled a good amount of this one compared to my other dreams. Remembered 3 different dreams last night.
    I was in a park for some reason or another, as I had to explore it and look for anything strange. The park was big, and it was nighttime, so it was honestly sort of creepy.
    I ended up finding this girl, no older than 15, who told me her name was Melissa. Right after I met her, it started snowing like crazy and Melissa started to literally freeze. I panicked and tried to warm her up, but it didn't work, and she ended up freezing to death. I had a bad feeling someone did this to her.
    I went back to some house afterwards only to be greeted by dozens of monsters from the game Killer7. I pulled out a gun and started shooting them, making my way through the random house, thinking that these things killed Melissa.

    I was at a weird, condo looking place. My cousins and aunt and uncle were in this one too. They said they came to go swimming at the beach. I was going to swim after my little cousin Kaci suggested, but I realized I didn't have any trunks. However, I looked down and saw I DID have trunks on. And it had these weird sticks of gum in the pockets. I pulled them out and showed them to Kaci, asking what they were.

    This next one's a fragment.
    My dad and I went to some canyon with a huge water slide on it. These odd, cavemen-esque people were with us, urging us to jump down the waterslide. I jumped down and wooped, excited by the speed at which I went.

    Happy I could remember 3 different dreams, even if one was a fragment. (:

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