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    Dream Sign to an Oblivious Mind

    by , 09-06-2016 at 08:05 PM (346 Views)
    Monday morning's dream was a pretty teeny tiny fragment, involving a super smart yet annoying guy barging his way into my house and demanding me to solve his riddles.
    This morning, however, was a bit more fruitful! Especially due to the re-appearance of a dream sign of mine.
    But first, middle-of-the-night-wake-up-fragments.
    I was on a huge ship in the middle of an ocean being ravaged by a raging storm. Alongside the storm was, of course, a sea monster, and the whole crew (me included) had to square off against it in an RPG-styled battle. And thennnn!
    I was homeless, and wandering the cold, dark streets of a city I didn't really recognize. I was trying to find shelter in whatever place I could, till eventually I met this family who decided to take me in for the night.
    Now for the non-lucid.
    I was in the house I used to live in, and sitting on the couch nearby was my ex and her boyfriend. All three of us were getting ready to watch a movie, but I was feeling pretty glum and sour about the situation, so I moped my way over to the kitchen area and pet my ex's dog for a little while. Eventually, I decided I'd just leave, and this was no small undertaking as I knew it'd be a long 6 hour drive back home. I relayed my plans to the two of them, and my ex pleaded that I stay and enjoy the movie. I, however, was resolute. I headed out. The in-between here is a blur but I do remember driving my way home on dark roads.
    Too bad I didn't do an RC. I've been training myself IRL to reality check whenever my ex sends me any messages, or if I catch a stray thought about her. However, she hasn't appeared in my dreams much lately; this was the first time in a little while now.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That RPG like battle scene sounds like fun. It's great that your dream sign managed to appear this time too.I'm sure your rc will work out for you sooner or later so keep up the good practice.
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