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    The Dusty Town

    by , 04-17-2012 at 06:33 PM (372 Views)
    I was with my friend, Aaron, and some other kid who I didn't know. We were at an odd warehouse, in the middle of a dusty, old looking town. Aaron said he had to go, and drove away in his car. I waved goodbye, and started to take a walk.
    Soon after, I ran into none other than Aaron himself. I wondered, I thought he was leaving...?
    "Hey, follow me," he said. Okay...? I followed him, curious as to what he'd want to show me.
    We ended up in another large warehouse, and this one had a large, rusty looking car in it. The car had a dusty, flame decal painted on the sides. Aaron said, "Behold!" and waved to the car. It was pretty cool looking.
    BUT THEN. For whatever reason, these small, strange, white crabs started crawling from the roof and down to us. They were snapping their pincers at us as a threat. Aaron grabbed a pipe and started hitting them.

    And then I woke up. Dun dun dunnn. That dream was really odd. I liked the environment of it though. It was like an abandoned city, all dusty and rusty. Gave off a cool feel. anyways.
    This dream was actually a lot longer than this, but I forgot a lot of it after waking. Oh well.

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    Tags: car, crab, dust, friend, town