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    Fragmented dream.

    by , 05-08-2011 at 01:24 PM (714 Views)
    I could only remember a very short bit of this dream.
    For some reason, I was a lucid dream teacher in a school. I wasn't grown up or anything, still just a teen. I had to teach these two students named Hank and Jane, and help them become good at LD'ing.
    Sadly, that's all I remember. But this is good, because I haven't remembered a single dream in months now. My recall is finally going back up thanks to everything I've been practicing. ^^
    Where I was:A classroom at some random school that I've never seen before.
    What I was doing:Teaching people on how to lucid dream.
    Who was there:Two odd dream characters named Hank and Jane. Sucks I didn't go lucid. I wanted to talk to them more. But who cares, I'm going lucid tonight~

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