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    Ghost Bustin'

    by , 11-15-2013 at 01:59 PM (429 Views)
    I'm starting to notice a recurring theme in some of my dreams lately, involving me going somewhere with my girlfriend and her mom. Happened in two different dreams this morning.
    My girlfriend, her mom, and I all went to a fancy cabin/store/hotel place...apparently to kill ghosts.
    For some reason I had made myself a car out of minecraft textures and brought it with me. I was exploring the lodge place later on with both of them, when a green light appeared behind me. I spun around, only to find a ghost who looked like an old lady. She had an eerie, green light shining around her. She shrieked at me, her face starting to come up close to mine. Amazingly enough, I forgot if we killed the ghost or just ran away from it, but then we were back out at the parking lot, and my girlfriend's mom sped off in her car with my girlfriend, leaving me behind with my minecraft car. I decided to take it for a spin. It was glorious.

    This next dream was recalled after falling back asleep and waking up my normal time.
    Guess where I was at this time? A con! Guess with who? My girlfriend and her mom! Some con-goer walked up to me and sold me a pretty looking GTO book that looked thin but apparently had every chapter of GTO in it. GTO is an anime I really like, GO WATCH IT. My girlfriend was talking to this guy at the front of our booth for a while, making me a bit jealous. I ignored the feelings and went to talk with her. We talked for a while, and while we were doing so, the guy kept trying to quietly steal my GTO book, leading to me scolding him to get his own.
    Multiple random people I know were at the con, hanging out at our booth. I recall a random part on one of the con days where we were all staring at a fish bowl for some reason. The con felt like a sped up version of three whole days.

    That's it. I'm happy I recalled more than one! I need to start reality checking and paying closer attention to situations where my girlfriend is around or her mom.

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