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    A Ghost Investigation

    by , 03-25-2014 at 01:03 PM (390 Views)
    Been a little bit since I recalled anything. Glad to see it back!
    I was with both my family and some strangers. The strangers consisted of a woman, two children, and Woody Harrelson (I believe he was in here because of my latest obsession with the show True Detective). We hung out at this warped version of my house for a while, but soon, people started dying! We weren't sure why, but it seemed to be something paranormal. That was our guess anyway.
    At one point I pretended to be a ghost, to the amusement of everyone else. In the midst of investigating, my aunt brought her dogs to the house, and I played with both them and the stranger kids.
    Suddenly, the truth was starting to reveal itself. The woman I mentioned as one of the strangers ended up dying in Woody's room by unknown causes. When we all gathered in his room later on, Woody revealed that he had cameras throughout the house to record and capture paranormal activity due to his suspicions. Even so, for some reason, we didn't think to check the footage to see how the woman died. Eerily enough, when we looked at Woody's desk, his keys were gone. Everyone insisted that they didn't take them, and we even checked. It must have been the woman.
    After all these crazy events, I was left feeling inspired, and felt like saying one thing to Woody and the gang.
    "I wish I had a PS4..."
    Cue fade to black. Many years pass (instantaneously of course, like a time skip in a movie or book), and the two kids are sitting around a dinner table, a lot older now (teenagers at least).

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