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    The Hogwarts Death Game

    by , 10-16-2013 at 01:35 AM (413 Views)
    Certainly an interesting one. Finally wrote my dream down after months of being lazy!
    I was at what seemed to be Hogwarts...or at least, it was a Hogwarts-like setting. A smug man with a suit and combed over hair walked into the main hall, telling me I was being forced to play some kind of game. This game would have life or death consequences.
    Rather than play the game, I investigated this man, spying on him and keeping tabs on his activities. I eventually found out he had an assistant named Brittany. I was able to spy on them executing students, with what looked like statues of living armor.

    Sadly, this is all I could remember. Good start though after putting this off for so long.

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