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    House of Cats

    by , 02-12-2014 at 01:48 PM (457 Views)
    I believe these dreams were two separate ones!

    I was at a ceremony for my school (well, old school now), where I was having dinner with my parents and various classmates. We then went into this big hall where all the students and their parents were, and names were being called off in groups of two or three. If you were called, you had to rush down there and try to beat the other kid in a race to the bottom. If you won, you got a prize. I got called twice and managed to win both times without even knowing the rules. And my reward...was a pokemon game.

    This dream had me in my house. It started off as me not even being there, just watching as two famous actors (Rob Schneider and someone else) were discussing something. Eventually they disappeared and I got to walk around my house. I decided to call up PeanutButterGamer (FOR SOME REASON) and had a nice chat with him about mario. After this is when things started getting a bit weirder. I heard noises outside and got a bad feeling, so I instinctively went to the kitchen to grab a knife or something for protection. "Y'never know," I told myself.
    As I got to the kitchen, I looked outside. Cats were everywhere in my neighbor's back yard. Weird, cuz he normally has a bunch of dogs. They were going up to this pool of liquid (it looked kind of like apple cider), and lapping it up. I turned my eyes back to the kitchen, and there were suddenly a bunch of cats in it! Cue me going
    I opened the knife drawer, cuz I was still feeling paranoid about the noise I heard. The knife drawer was filled with the same cider looking liquid I saw before. I sighed and tried to get a towel to clean it up while all the cats mewed at me.

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