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    The Immortality Olympics

    by , 05-20-2012 at 07:33 PM (416 Views)
    Not one of my more interesting dreams, but I'll log it in here anyways.
    Me and and large group of friends I know from school headed to this big event that was comparable to real life Olympics. The prize for winning it was being granted immortality. We had to go and practice that day, in order to prepare. Our group leader was some bald man who looked very familar to me, but I can't quite place who he was. I think he's this guy from church I met, like, 6 years ago. Haven't seen the guy since, so that's probably why I had trouble figuring out who he was at first.
    The man (although I recognized him now, didn't know his name) ordered us to get dressed and ready. We all bought out this large hotel where we each got our own room, and I went in mine, the silence becoming almost creepy. I changed my clothes which were actually the same clothes I was wearing the previous day IRL and went outside to look at the city, feeling anxious about all these upcoming events. The city was large, and somewhat blurry in the distance. The sun wasn't out that day, it instead being very cloudy, so a gloomy hue colored the atmosphere, fitting my anxious emotions.
    We practiced that day
    though I can't recall what we actually did and we got to go home to our families. I went to my grandma's, and my friend Aaron came over so we could play a videogame together. As we were playing, I told him about the upcoming 'Olympics', and told him I had to run for a very long time, and that I was extremely nervous.
    That's all I remember. I do recall the dream continuing for a bit after I talked to Aaron, but I don't remember what happened.

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