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    Murders in Graveyards, Presentations in School

    by , 12-31-2012 at 03:51 PM (470 Views)
    Remembered two dreams this morning. The first one involved...DUNDUNDUN MURDERRRRRRRRRRRR.
    Suddenly, there was a murder. I didn't freak out about it or anything. My family and I decided to stay at a nearby hotel, just to be a little safer. While at the hotel, I caught wind of a rumor about some ace-detective-turned-pastor who would be going to the crime scene in the nearby graveyard to solve the clues. Out of no where, I was watching the pastor investigating, almost like a cutscene in a video game. He didn't investigate for very long. Probably found what he needed to.
    This is when I decided to go to the graveyard myself. I felt a little spooked, but I brought my iPod with me and listened to MCR while walking around the graveyard.
    Should've used that as a way to go lucid, I was listening to a song by MCR that didn't even exist.
    I got to the back part of the graveyard to find a weird looking bug in a black shell. The shell popped open, and a scary looking, browin-ish colored beetle crawled out, screeching. I screamed and fled in terror, and looked behind me, seeing the beetle take to the air with vibrant colored wings. I ran as fast as I could out of the graveyard, and made it out, but not before feeling a stinging pain on my shoulder...
    Now for the other dream.
    For some reason, I wasn't in my body, but instead in the body of a police officer with a mustache. I was hiding from this extremely nasty guy in a sumo outfit, and when his back was turned, I jumped out and made him sit on a chair so I could interrogate him. Sadly, I forget how that conversation went, but I do recall it being very short.
    I stepped out into the nearby hallway, and suddenly, I was back in my body again. I found some friends of mine who aren't actually my friends irl, and we went down this hallway called 'The Troubled Kids Hallway'. It looked like a normal hallway, but anyways. We made it out into this auditorium that resembled my old lunch room from middle school, and kids were lined up getting ready to watch a presentation. I found my girlfriend, and she waved at me, but her expression was one of unease. Her hair was dyed red-orange in color, unlike the black color she has in real life.
    For some reason, I wasn't allowed to sit next to her, so I found a seat far away and sunk into it, saddened that I couldn't be with her.

    And that was that. I have a little fragment of me using Assassin's Creed-styled parkour climbing to travel around a city, but I think that was a part of the murder dream. I think.

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