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    Nuns and Guns

    by , 11-08-2013 at 02:35 PM (403 Views)
    What an odd dream.
    I was at either Arkansas or Alabama (can't remember which). It was no village I had ever heard of, but many nuns resided in this village. It wasn't especially big, but it did have a little center area for restaurants. Lots of trees were scattered around this village, making it hard to see far in any direction. For some reason I was living with a kind young woman, probably 19 or 20 years old, who was helping me get my bearings in this new town. She had mid-length brown hair, and I can't recall her speaking much.
    While I was out exploring the town, walking by the local Arby's, there was a shooting. More precisely, a man in a blue shirt on a nearby cliff held up a gun, aimed, and started firing at the crowd of civilians around me. Somehow, I knew that he was looking for a specific girl. I hid away in the nearby back parking lot and ran off, trying to find somewhere where I would be concealed. I eventually found a dirt path under some bushes, which led to a random house. I apologized to the people for barging into their yard and ran as fast as I could, hearing the gunshots and screams behind me.
    I hid away in the young woman's house once more, this time locking myself in my room there. She wasn't there at the time. I peeked out the windows. Multiple nuns were walking hurriedly out of a nearby house and making their way to what I assumed was church. As I was watching them from my window, I suddenly realized they might see me, so I backed up. Too late. The head nun saw me, and her face contorted into sheer anger. She ran up to the window, pointing at me and shouting something. Judging by reading her lips, she shouted, "What are you doing in there?!" She moved away from the window, running, so I could only assume she was going to come into the house to try to get me.
    Call me crazy, but something wasn't right about these nuns. They gave me an uneasy feeling. I knew my door was locked, but I put some things in front of it just to be safe. I I heard multiple shouts and banging against it. The obstacles started sliding away.

    That's all I could remember after waking up. Also, my previous dream had a shooting in it too. If this keeps up, it could be a potential dream sign.

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