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    Pink Crystals and Gas Masks

    by , 12-01-2012 at 03:55 PM (407 Views)
    Sorry I've been away for a while guys. School came back, and I'm sure you all know how that is. :L I've had a little more time lately to focus on my dream exploits, and here's my dream from last night.
    I went to a party with a bunch of people I didn't seem to know. The house we were in didn't look all too familiar. Not sure if I've seen it somewhere before.
    I headed over to the couches, where I noticed a group of 3 suspicious looking people performing a magic trick for a little kid. The three people were, I'd say, about 20 years old or so. I plopped down on the couch and watched the magic trick they were doing. In a small glass, the man had poured water and put something in it to create a foam like substance. He then put some ice cubes in it, and told the kid to watch carefully. Suddenly, the icecubes appeared to be a beautiful pink in color, glowing rose-like, entrancing me.
    The man kept doing it, saying he was running out of time, creating more and more pink colored icecubes, till eventually, the foam in the glass cleared, and a large, rectangular shaped stone made out of pure pink crystal arose from the top of the glass. The man shouted in delight, and snatched the crystal rectangle away. He nodded to his two compatriots, and they quickly leapt up to leave. I stood up as well, suspicious. As they were leaving, one of them turned around and looked at me hard in the eyes. "HEY! GUYS! WHAT ABOUT THIS KID?" he shouted to his two companions. I panicked, thinking they were going to stop me, but they didn't. His words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. He grunted in annoyance and followed them out of the house.
    Everyone in the party suddenly disappeared. I was on my lonesome. I knew I couldn't let those people get away. They were planning to do something bad with that precious crystal stone, and I was going to stop them. I grabbed a nearby cloak and wrapped it around my body, pulling the hood up. I quickly put my shoes on, and grabbed my wooden sword, which would be my makeshift weapon for now.
    I headed out, ready for danger. Suddenly, a boy yelled to me. "Hey, Tanner! Come here!" I turned to see a boy I knew from my school urging me to approach him. He was standing inside a garage-looking area. I approached, and he tugged me inside the garage and closed the door. He explained that they were trying to stop those people too, and that I would need to join them, but with a better disguise. He then gave me a gas mask to put over my face. I put it on, and realized I looked a lot like Zero from the Zero Escape series.

    ANNNND then I woke up.
    Too bad, I would've liked to find out what we were going to do to stop those three.

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