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    Psycho Hungry Kid

    by , 06-13-2012 at 01:28 PM (488 Views)
    Creepy dream.
    I went to spend the night at a friend's house, only to find out she had a little brother I knew nothing about. This little brother was actually a psychotic, people eating monster that hungered for people every few days. Worried, I just had to ask.
    "When's the last time he ate?"
    My friend said, "A few days ago."
    I panicked and wanted to get the crap out of there, but for some reason, I decided to spend the night still. I woke up really early the next morning, packed my things, and quietly snuck out of the house. As I was sneaking out, I looked over and saw my friend and her brother patrolling the end of the street. I silently cursed to myself, knowing that the little boy was hunting for food. I ran as fast as I could through a shortcut to my place, running through the woods and cutting through a person's yard. I apologized to him and kept running. Once I got to my street, I started running even faster, but FOR SOME REASON, pulled out my phone to check my twitter feed.
    IDK what was going through my head here, but apparently checking the twitter feed was more important than saving my life
    I was checking my twitter feed while running, and then suddenly heard what sounded like a car approaching. I quickly put my phone away and ran as fast as I could, my house being really close now. I glanced behind me to see a large white van going down the road. It's them, it's them, oh crap it's them! I thought frantically. Once I got to my driveway, I ran up to the number pad to open our garage door, only to discover that my parents got a NEW number pad. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! I screamed in my head. I glanced back, shaking and scared as the white van approached. I quickly ran up to our front door and knocked like mad. After a few seconds, my father came to the door and opened it. Before going inside, I turned to see the white van passing by, and the people IN the van were just our neighbors, and not the psycho kid who was looking for someone to eat.
    That's all I remember from there.

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