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    Relatively Normal Day

    by , 03-11-2014 at 01:21 PM (359 Views)
    This dream was pretty close to real life, aside from some minor discrepancies. Not much out of the ordinary here.
    I went to a new house to babysit my little cousin for the day. My grandpa gave me the tour of the house, which was still being worked on. This relates to my aunt's new house in real life, but the house in the dream did not look the same (one of the discrepancies I mentioned). Throughout the day, it was mainly just me following and playing with my cousin, or watching those educational cartoons with her. At one point, I ended up spending the night there, though my memory as to why is pretty hazy. I also walked in on my girlfriend watching a strange TV program based on Bioshock Infinite??!
    There WAS a moment where I thought 'am I dreaming?' and performed a reality check, BUT...I'm pretty sure I was too close to being awake for this to work, so it didn't count. Still, that's progress if it was my dream self thinking that and not my waking self.

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