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    A short lucid, and a vampire chase.

    by , 04-07-2012 at 08:37 PM (555 Views)
    These two dreams actually didn't happen the same night, the lucid happened the night before last, while the vampire one happened last night. Decided to record both.
    I don't remember how I went lucid, but somehow, I was. I was standing in the basement of my grandma's house, sort of shocked I was actually lucid. Then a swell of happiness swept over me, and I immediately rushed down the hallway that led to the stairs. An obstacle was in my way, so I performed a very stylish vault over it. Before I went upstairs, I briefly dwelled on the idea of going back and summoning the girl I like so I could talk to her, but I decided I probably wouldn't be able to, and went upstairs instead. That's all I remember. I do remember losing my lucidity after I went upstairs.
    My parents and I were at a mall. Seems like I have a lot of malls in my dreams? Hmm. We were trying to shop in peace, but some scary, pale looking man, dressed in a gothic looking suit, was chasing us around the mall. Seeing him really gave me a feeling of dread, and I decided that he's a vampire, since he resembled one. We ducked into a back area and tried to evade him. For some reason, I decided to leave my parents and took off running in the opposite direction of the vampire, making my way to the mall's exit. I stayed outside, panting, and hid behind a bush. I peeked out and saw the vampire leave the mall, looking around for me. He decided to give up the chase, and went to what was supposedly his car. I sighed a sigh of relief.
    That lucid was pretty interesting in the fact that I was able to pull off an athletic-like vault over that obstacle. I'm not that athletic in real life, so it was really cool experiencing that. Especially considering all of my lucids so far have been like 10 seconds with me just being excited and not doing anything. So far, I've flown, thrown something heavy, and performed a parkour-esque vault. Neat.
    That vampire dude from the dream was really creepy though. I could draw him right now on a piece of paper because his look and face were both really memorable, still in my memory right now. I woke up from that dream with my heart pounding.

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