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    Soldiers on a Cruise

    by , 07-03-2010 at 02:31 PM (409 Views)
    Note: I did not go lucid.

    DJ Entry #1
    I woke up wearing an outfit the likes of which a U.S. soldier would wear. I looked next to me to find that my best friend had the same get-up. Apparently we were soldiers who had to defend a cruise ship on its way to God knows where. My family was in the room, telling both of us goodbye, and good luck, but my friend's family wasn't there at all.
    The next few minutes passed as a blur, and I can barely remember them, but we went through a crowded suburb that I didn't recognize one bit. Eventually we got to the cruise ship and got on. I noticed something about all the people on the ship. They were all either people I knew, or actors from famous movies. I barely talked to any of them, as my brain led the dream on in an orderly fashion. We sat around for a while, watching out for anything suspicious. Everything else happened in what felt like minutes. Someone pulled out a gun, and fired like crazy, but we stopped him. Someone had a killer dog attacking everyone on the ship, but we stopped it. And finally, someone was tossing people overboard. We were fighting with him until he grabs me, throws me overboard, and I fall to the depths of the ocean, not making a sound. Then I woke up.
    Where I was: Cruise Ship and an un-recognized suburban neighborhood.
    What I was doing: Protecting the cruise ship from anything that might do it and the people harm.
    Who was there: My friends, my family, and for whatever reason, famous actors.

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