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    Suddenly, Guard Dogs!

    by , 02-20-2014 at 10:02 PM (368 Views)
    Both of these dreams took place four days ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting them! Sorry for the delay.

    Guess where I was in this one? If you've read a lot of my dream journal, or just glanced at the titles/tags, you'll be so very unsurprised to find out that this first dream took place in...A SCHOOL. -surprised gasping- We were in a room that looked like it would be a Steak n' Shake dining area except all the tables were replaced with school desks. We were working pretty furiously on a test, as if our lives depended on it. As I got close to finishing the test, I saw my girlfriend's ex-friend, who was making faces at me. Guess we're in elementary school or somethin'.

    This second dream was the more dream-like of the two, in terms of outright weirdness. My girlfriend and I went to the mall! To do what? Well, I'd assume shopping, but who knows, really? Anyways, we got there, but a very creepy old lady was blocking the entrance to the mall, saying "You aren't allowed to go in there!" She wouldn't tell us WHY, of course. Being the reckless dream selves that we were, my girlfriend and I found a back entrance over the wall and into the mall. What followed was kind of terrifying, or at least at the time. A loud alarm sounded off; we knew right away we were in trouble. In the distance, we heard dogs yelping, and could vaguely see the old lady running towards us with a giant pack of barking, angry dogs. No shopping for us! Gosh dang it. We started to run, although we weren't sure where we were even running to. We were pretty much trapped in this mall now. The barking of the dogs drew closer.

    What was our fate? Beats me, I woke up! Always at the good parts.

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