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    Titanic Basement

    by , 05-06-2012 at 03:33 AM (448 Views)
    This one goes from...odd to normal within the span of a second.
    I'm in my Grandma's basement. Looks like it always does; tv, computer, comfy carpeting, nice couch, piano, etc. A few other random people were standing around as well. I ignored these people because behind me was none other than Jack and Rose from the movie Titanic. I decided to hang out with them, and we all chatted about something I forget. Suddenly, the windows burst open, and water flooded in at a fast rate. The basement started tilting downwards, with the other side going up. Basically, the basement was the Titanic. As it flooded, I tried to stay near Jack and Rose, but lost my hold on a piece of furniture and fell farther through the quickly flooding basement. A young boy hanging onto a part of the ceiling caught me by the hand.
    "PLEASE! HELP ME!" I screamed, as the basement I once loved was being sunk around me. The boy shook his head. He murmured, "Make your choice." and with that, he let go of my hand, and I fell down to the bottom of the basement hallway, and into the depths of ocean water.
    SUDDENLY. I was in a courtyard. The location looked like my neighborhood.
    My previously freaked out demeanor about the Titanic basement quickly went away when, I noticed my dad walking up. He said, "Let's go home." with a big smile. I walked home with him, and on the way, stopped to talk to a friend who wanted to show me this stuffed animal she got.

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