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    A Week at School Camp

    by , 11-17-2013 at 02:54 PM (380 Views)
    The dream I remembered this morning felt like a shortened version of a week.
    I was living with my girlfriend at this school, but it wasn't a normal school. They had the students partner up and stay there for a week, answering questions every now and then to see if they could succeed. My memories of the events there are scattered and random, but here's a few:
    -My girlfriend and I checking out the food selection.
    -Opening the door in our classroom/sleeping room to see an ocean.
    -Trying to find my friend Aaron but never managing to find him, even though he said he was there.
    -Having a quiz in class to write about your strangest memory and say it to the class. I couldn't figure it out.
    -Having to do a group presentation with your partner.
    -Telling off a bunch of jerks in masks who were trying to harass me.
    Things really took a turn for the worse when the week was almost over. My girlfriend and I were exploring the kitchen area of the place. She split up and went downstairs to look at something while I was looking at something else. When I finally went downstairs, and looked around, she wasn't there, but the jerks from earlier were. They tried to attack me, but I ran back into the building and kept the doors from closing by sticking my leg in between them and making them open again.
    When we got up the stairs, I fought them and they ran away, but then some other dude came who was half fox half man, and was using a rapier. I ran away from him, shouting my girlfriend's name, but all of a sudden the lights went out. They were closing up the kitchen for the night.
    No, no, no, no, I thought. I ran back to the entrance, the fox guy now gone. The door was locked tight, but I saw some light on the other side. I banged on the door, yelling for help, but no one came. Eventually I managed to bust through the door myself, and of course they appeared when I did that.
    As I made my way back to my classroom, I felt scared. I looked and looked for my girlfriend, but she wasn't there. I asked everyone, and they said they haven't seen her.

    And that's when I woke up. A bit of a scary dream in some ways.

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