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    Wonderful Recall

    by , 05-10-2011 at 09:43 PM (812 Views)
    I finally broke my dry spell and had a lucid last night. Not only that, I remembered 4 dreams in the morning, which is the most I've been able to remember yet. Here they are in as best an order as I could remember~
    Was in a very warped version of my math class. And by warped, I really just mean the length of the room was huge. A bunch of my classmates were there, and we were getting ready to leave class.
    This part was a fragment. I was at a pool for whatever reason. It was inside an unknown building, and no one else was there.
    In the next dream, I was in a very dim version of my school's library. I had my mind fixated on finding some book that I can't remember the title of.
    This next one was lucid.
    I went lucid instantly, thanks to the BILD method I assume. Maybe not instantly, but it probably dawned on me after a few seconds that I was dreaming. I was in a laboratory, with a computer in front of me flashing a warning message: DISARM THE BOMB. Under these words was a timer that was counting down from 30 seconds. I panicked and started frantically messing with the computer, tapping keys fruitlessly. I wasn't able to disarm it in time, and the whole lab started to blow up, but out of no where, a very pretty DC ran in from somewhere and told me that she was going to save me. She picked me up and ran me out of the lab as it was exploding. The dream then ended.

    Yay for progress <3
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      Haha awesome.
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