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    Bathtub Intimacy with K

    by , 07-27-2022 at 01:28 PM (226 Views)
    I am in a bathtub with K. We are intimate together.
    Spoiler for Adult Content:

    Dream Signs:
    Sexual content
    Feeling embarrassed, overly self-conscious about affection and intimacy

    I went to bed last night incubating and thinking about sexual content. I believe water in my dreams is often a symbolism of my emotional state, if it is not a literal indicator that I drank water close to bed time and feel that I need to wake up and urinate. Water often represents my emotional state in that it can be tranquil, deep, shallow, crashing, overwhelming. The water being shallow and me being in it, lying on my back and engaging in sexual content with my partner indicates a sense of purity or cleanliness.

    I did not feel guilt in the dream engaging in intimacy with my partner as I often have with other dream figures. I often feel overly self-conscious in non-lucids that I am receiving attention from dream figures that are not my partner. I feel that the water symbolizes that our actions together are in a clean state and the water is something that we are in together. It responds to our actions but is not threatening, i.e. being deep, crashing, something that we could drown in.

    I often feel very self-conscious about public displays of affection (PDA) (an embarrassing and shaming remnant from middle school where I received disciplinary action in school for my girlfriend and I hugging in the hallway before classes). This feeling of embarrassment and shame around PDA seems to be deeply rooted in my unconscious and even causes me to feel avoidant about PDA.

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