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    Matrix Rooftop Jumping

    by , 07-27-2022 at 01:42 PM (132 Views)
    K and I are in a cityscape environment with tall buildings. My view of the city around me is odd. When I look at something below me, my vision seems to "zoom in" and it's like my consciousness and dream body shifts to that location in the dream. We are on top of a tall building and there are large levitating platforms adjacent to other tall buildings. They are very far off and apart, impossible to be able to jump to by normal means. We leap through the air and land on these levitating platforms that look like they are made up of large white cubes, like video game platforms.

    I feel the sensations vividly of leaping through the air, impossibly high compared to jumping in waking life (WL). I land on the platforms with ease and don't feel significant shock from the impacts.

    I remember incubating Matrix-like jumping months ago and last year in 2021. After reading some articles on flying in dreams and LDs, I visualized jumping between rooftops and tall elevated platforms like in this dream. Very thrilling and fun. I've continued to listen to a dream incubation podcast episode on a Jungian analyst podcast that's talked about incubation. Maybe consciously thinking about incubation has brought forward a lot of past incubations. Very neat.

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    1. DrTechnical's Avatar
      This caught my eye, as when I refer to my wife and I in a dream note it's also "K and I"

      Anyway. Dream incubation is a pretty fascinating thing. It can be used to induce lucidity as well. For me this was natural. But it's something to think about. Typically when I try to get lucid, I induce a dream about being in the house on a couch trying to get lucid. I've always referred to these as INRALDs (I'm not really awake lucid dream"). I have further trained my mind to expect any lights left on in waking reality to be "broken" or off. That becomes the dream sign. You may wish to see if you can incubate a scene that you associate with lucidity. It's a powerful technique.