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    BanYanLand (Raven and Nomad)

    by , 08-21-2010 at 03:30 PM (1188 Views)

    on 08-11-2010 at 04:46 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)


    Raven and I meet up at the base of the Tower near the entrance to BanYanLand.

    Along the way, a bunch of other dreamers appear: MoSh, Loaf, Tigress, mowglycdb, and Walms. Mosh is wearing a white robe with a hood and green trim. His eye are two green gems. I ask him why he's wearing the robe.

    He grins at me: I AM A SPACE DRUID. His eyes sparkle, and lightning crackles across his teeth when he says it.

    ok.. these are supposed to be notes.

    We meet Bobby AKA DJ Sabertooth, AKA Saber. He is a giant were-saber-toothed tiger in a green smoking jacket. He is smoking a giant joint. We hop in a flying car, and he gives us a tour.

    He talks about the ecology of the place, and how he set up everything to go in circles.

    He says it's a prototype for a self-sustained Tree-House-Farm. Wow! Permaculture.


    There is a silk factory, silkworms... koi... He says the silkworms are weaving dream fabric.

    The place is HUGE.

    One. Giant. Tree.

    We become ant-people and crawl all over the tree.

    Bobby and Raven laugh maniacally. MoSh is confused. Loaf freaks out. Walms doesn't seem to notice. Tigress shrugs. I gnaw at the tree.


    This dream was so long... I think about an hour... but I don't have time to write it all down.

    08/10/10 The Pod Tree

    on 08-12-2010 at 02:29 PM (66 Views)

    Note: I fell asleep with my light / sound machine as I usually do, with the intent to accomplish a couple of goals. My goals included meeting with Nomad on the moon to share some energy with him because he said he has been so worn out lately, MoSh said he would help with this. Second I planned to go and view another dream from the past, another of MoSh's dreams, and then I had plans to locate Blake and maybe have an Oblivion dream with Tigress if I could get that. That seemed like a lot of dreams for one night, but I figured I would just get in what I had time for. I fell asleep and slipped into my WILD…

    I didn't even have to take a look around to realize where I had entered the dream, no hesitation, I headed straight for the front door of MoSh's house and knocked. No one opened the door, but there was a voice behind me, and when I turned I saw MoSh there with Asuka. I asked MoSh if he was lucid, he said he was, I asked if he was going to remember the dream, he said no. Asuka pulled a Gibbs on him (a slap to the back of the head) and told him that he would remember the dream, not an option. I opened a portal to the moon, to get to the BanYan tree near the base of the tower, and it opened. MoSh and I went through the portal, but I was surprised Asuka didn't follow us. The portal closed behind us.

    I followed MoSh over to a tree, a huge tree that was standing at the base of an even bigger tower, I stood there and stared at the tree for a few minutes, It was a huge tree that had numerous pod type structures connected by walkways in the branches, it was a pretty amazing looking tree… I was thinking that would be a cool thing to have in an RPG… a huge tree with all those different pods in it, it looked big enough to be an entire city in the tree. I went over to the tree, I spotted Nomad near the base of it, he was talking to someone that looked a bit familiar… Nomad was talking to someone who appeared to be part human, but mostly tiger… Nomad seemed to be enjoying talking to him, MoSh and I went over to the two of them. Nomad asked if we remembered his cousin, Bobby? Who now goes by Saber? I said I remembered seeing him once before, in a previous dream. I told Nomad I was there to give him some extra energy, MoSh was going to help with that… I saw there was a fox there with us, the fox came over to me and sat there, looking up at me… cute! It made me want to pick up the fox and hug it… So I scooped the fox into my arms… the fox allowed that… and I was petting the fox when MoSh was trying to get my attention, he said if I was through snuggling with Pablo maybe we could do what we came for. Snuggling with Pablo? I looked closer at the fox I was holding… yup. The energy signature was Pablo's… I asked if he was going to share positive energy with Nomad. The fox licked my nose… I set the fox down and then we went ahead and did healing spells to transfer positive energy to Nomad, golden energy formed and filled all of us there… it was a very pleasant energy.

    After sharing energy with Nomad, his cousin, the tiger man, wanted to show off what he had done with the tree, the BanYan tree, which had once been Nomad's moon house and now had reached the scale of a small city. We looked through some of the various chambers inside the pods, and it was really an awesome place… it had everything, pods with various rooms, pods with natural habitats, pods with healing areas, many of the pods were much larger on the inside than they appeared to be from the outside. Some of the pods seemed to be there for production, growing crops of various kinds, some I recognized and many I didn't, pods with various animals and insects that were producing cloths… Saber said they would be sold in the city in the biodome and Nowhere, free, of course. There is no need of money there… MoSh seemed impatient, I thought about that for a bit and I remembered there were events from the past he wanted to take a second look at, so I told Nomad that MoSh and I had something to do, but we, or at least I, would be back to share more energy with him later.

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    1. Oceanboy's Avatar
      do wonder about how often people would be interacting with each other in their dreams without their knowledge/recalling it